Wednesday, March 14, 2012

100 years

Last weekend Wesley did something that most people never get to do. He met his Great Great Grandma.

Cameron's Great Grandma had her 100th birthday party. It was really interesting to go to. She's not entirely aware of what's going on or who people are anymore, however she still loves music, so there was a program with some musical numbers and some group sing-a-longs.

Here's the five generation photo:
Of course, you can't go to an event like that without thinking, "100 years? That's a long time."

A lot of things have happened since 1912. That's even before WWI. According to my quick research, crossword puzzles and modern zippers weren't invented until 1913.

In her life story she talks about moving to an alfala ranch in California in 1935. She says that she liked the house because of it's "conveniences" (they had gas to cook with, rather than a wood stove).

If I  were to list "conveniences" in my life a stove wouldn't make it because it would be on the "necessity" list. It makes me stop and wonder about everything that could go down in the next 75 years. And it also is a little motivation to stay healthy so I can live to see it.

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