Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shoulder Angel

It turns out I've gone and gotten myself a reputation.

There's a little boy a few doors down who, every time he sees me, asks why I'm not painting.

Lately I've been telling him it's because the weather is bad (ya know, since I paint out front these days). However, Monday was a beautiful sunny day. So when he said, "It's sunny, why aren't you painting?" I thought to myself, "Hmmm.... you've got a point."

But Cam was gone, and Wesley was awake, so I told him I would have to wait until naptime. He proposed that instead, he could help. So he helped me empty off a bookshelf that was far too plain, and he was going to try to carry it outside for me too. Except that wasn't going to happen.
So when Wes went down, I carried it outside and gave it a couple base coats before Cam got back. Boy was he surprised.

I used an entire bottle of yellow. FYI yellow paint covers NOTHING. I thought that two coats of primer would be enough, but no, it still took four coats of yellow, and there are some streaks, but I was running out of the second bottle, so I had to call it.

All thanks to my shoulder angel telling me to get out and paint.

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