Sunday, April 29, 2012

Decision Making

My little sister is in London this summer, which makes me a little jealous. It's hard to believe I got back nearly 4 years ago.

My sister has some... difficulty making decisions. I suppose that should be "Difficulty" with a capital "D" or perhaps a capital "DIFFICULTY". Of course I'm happy to help tell her what she should do and what's not worth it, but with the time change and my love of a good night's rest it's not always practical.

So today I whipped up a little decision making aid.

Things that will help my suggestions make more sense:
  1. When I'm traveling, I operate under the theory that I've already spent $__(some thousand)__ to get here, and it would be ridiculous not to _______ because I didn't want to pay the last $__(14 or 35 or whatever)__. The same is true for being there and choosing to do nothing.
  2. I'm not much of a "thing" person. I'd rather splurge on experiences and skip the gift shop.
  3. Cameron does our finances. Not because I can't budget, because I can... my budget just allows me to run right up to the edge. Cam likes a safety cushion because being at the end of a rope sounds less appealing to him. I find it a bit exhilarating. 
Would you advise her differently? I'm curious what your decision process would be.


  1. I think the beginning of the post needs a revision: so you (or your parent/guardian/grandparent) have paid your way into a different country...

  2. So True Brandon!! "So you've already spent your parents money and want to be a little more cautious about spending yours...." :-)
    I like the decision tree! KayCee will have to tell us if it is helpful, then you can market it! She will be the test.

  3. Now, should I or shouldn't I use the decision matrix?