Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project Organic

Some friends of ours at church came to us a few months ago with an awesome opportunity.

The last year they had worked helped an older gentleman with his very large garden, and shared in his harvest. But they are going to be moving in August, so they offered us the gig.

Cam was thrilled.
 I'm a little hesitant about the work involved.
Especially after he sat us down to go through the seed catalogues.

I thought everyone went to Safeway or Home Depot and bought seed packets and tomato starts like my parents always did. But apparently, if you're hardcore and want an organic garden, with seeds grown and tested in Oregon, you order them. Even the tomatoes.
Aren't these seed packets gorgeous though?

The last month we got some of the earlier ones started in some peat pots in the "hot house." I think I'm going to ask if he would mind a mural on the shady side. It's kind of begging for it. 
We also got some heartier stuff into the raised beds, just in time for a late winter storm. Here they are all covered up for safety:
See how big this thing is? We did an entire bed of spinach. We's is going to have to step up his veggie intake come August.


  1. AWESOME!! I totally want something like this in my life. Maybe there's something in the Horch blood that makes us love gardening...

  2. Wesley is too cute with his boots helping!

  3. Step up his veggie intake? The kid eats lentil, cauliflower, asparagus mix for dinner :)