Friday, May 25, 2012

Chubby Cheeks

For Cameron's birthday we went whale watching over the weekend in Depoe Bay.

Our tour was supposed to be at 11, but we got delayed two hours because they had a really low tide that morning and there were a ton of ships waiting to get out.

Wesley was really excited about the whole thing. That is, until they made him wear a life jacket.
The life jacket was a little big for him. It puffed his cheeks up and made it impossible for him to turn his head, which meant that we had to turn his entire body when he wanted to look the other way. 
He tried his hardest to be a trooper though. He did just fine through the first half hour, I think it helped that everything on the boat was so new and interesting. When he started getting grumpy, I handed him a snack to eat. He tried to bring his hand to his mouth, but when he couldn't reach because the life jacket was in the way he really lost it.

The big bummer was that we saw no whales. Apparently orcas and a grey whale were spotted around noon (when we would have been out had there not been a delay). Oh well, we had fun right? (Cue more pictures of Wes having a "great time")

 He he he. Another one for the albums.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Upcoming Eclipse

Subtitle: If you live under a rock (like I do)...

Okay, so you probably all have heard about this, BUT since I don't have a TV and don't read a newspaper, I was shocked to hear about this yesterday.

Sunday there is going to be a solar eclipse. How cool is that? Cam and I researched eclipses a year or so ago because we both wanted to see one, and we read that the next total eclipse near us isn't until August 2017.

However, the one Sunday isn't a total eclipse, it's an "annular" eclipse, where instead of covering the sun completely, the moon looks like a black hole surrounded by a ring of fire, which sounds pretty cool to me.

I found that lets you type in your city and it estimates the time and how good the eclipse will be for you (way better than the useless NASA page about it.) Here's what I got for Portland:

Apparently we would get the maximum ring of fire if we drove 5 hours south to Medford, Oregon. What do you think, is it worth it?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday in the City

Yesterday, Wesley became a true Portlander: we went to the Saturday market. Oddly enough he didn't find anything interesting about the people. For him it was all about the dogs. We didn't realize that it was the morning of the "Doggie Dash" so every few seconds he would try to dive out of their stroller one way or another to see the dogs.

He also played in his first fountain, which he enjoyed thoroughly. So much in fact, that we had to stop and try to touch each an every water feature we passed all day. 

You know the only thing Wes likes to ride more than riding deer? The MAX train. As soon as we started moving he would squeal with excitement, and continue to do so until we stopped. The people in our car loved us. He really liked standing (read: would not be seated) and wanted to hold on to the bar like dad.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More about Birthdays

My mom had a birthday (shout hooray!)

And it came to my attention that she had her eye on one of those birthday signs that are all the rage these days. 

But for a family with as many frequent additions as mine seems to have, Instead of hanging circles I used some sweet clothespins (bi-colored so they can be flipped if the pattern changes).

Speaking of additions...

STOP. Before commenting, look again.

Now breathe a sigh of relief that you don't have to read more pregnancy posts in the near future.