Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday in the City

Yesterday, Wesley became a true Portlander: we went to the Saturday market. Oddly enough he didn't find anything interesting about the people. For him it was all about the dogs. We didn't realize that it was the morning of the "Doggie Dash" so every few seconds he would try to dive out of their stroller one way or another to see the dogs.

He also played in his first fountain, which he enjoyed thoroughly. So much in fact, that we had to stop and try to touch each an every water feature we passed all day. 

You know the only thing Wes likes to ride more than riding deer? The MAX train. As soon as we started moving he would squeal with excitement, and continue to do so until we stopped. The people in our car loved us. He really liked standing (read: would not be seated) and wanted to hold on to the bar like dad.

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