Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Architectural Details

Our apartment has a lot of things about it that my interior design professor referred to as "vernacular qualities" i.e. quarks that show short-sighted planning, design errors, and/or other shortcomings that reveal the design was not by a master architect.

For example, there is a built in 3-foot deep shelf in Wesley's room that is 2 feet off the ground, because the builders were about a two feet short in allowing enough head room over the stairs, so they had to bump up the floor. It happens.

Or, there is a drawer in our bathroom that uses the same path as the door. It's kind of annoying when one person is say, doing her make-up and the other one tries to open the door and it moves like it's going to open before banging into the drawer making a loud noise that would wake any sleeping children in the adjacent room.
My illustration depicting the intersecting paths of the drawer and the door
with the help of my free trial account at floorplanner.com
So Sunday, a family member who will not be named, had a need to use the bathroom. He tried to open the door, it moved just a little and stopped. Somehow the drawer got opened after the door was shut, and was now blocking entry.

This family member, being the ingenious person that he is undid a hanger and worked it through the small space in the door. but without being able to see how far the drawer was open, it was impossible to get the hanger in the right place.

The other family member, who had no immediate need of the restroom contemplated whether she could  do without a bathroom until the next morning when maintenance could be called. Although she realized she probably could, she decided to aid the aforementioned person whose urgency was increasing. 

She used a butterknife slid through the door to put pressure on the side of the drawer and work it back into the counter. since the range of motion was a matter of millimeters, it took some time but finally closed and joy was had all around. Well, nearly all around. Family member #3 couldn't have cared less about the whole thing because he just goes in his shorts. 


  1. We have something similar, although luckily, it's a cabinet that slams violently shut... so at least we can always get in the door? :)

  2. Lol...that happens at our house too! I have a random question for you...in your apartment at Wymount, did you have a storage closet? (Since you were on the end and a 2 bedroom I don't know if you did or not...I assume so but had to ask). We're thinking about moving back there (UHHHH)since Jonathan is going back to BYU for his PhD...don't ask me what he's thinking. :)

    1. We did! we called it the "garage" it was the length of the master.

      Best of luck on heading back there!