Monday, July 16, 2012

Coming Soon...ish

We're in the middle!

I was going to write "almost done," but then I did the math. We're 2 years in and still have 2 years before the diploma gets here BUT we do finally know where we are going on rotations, which makes it seem like it's closer.

We have until May to be here at school still, and after that we start rotations, which a lot like a residency for medical school, but there are 4 of them each 3 months long.

The system they have for assigning them is a little wacky. They call it the Lottery. It goes kinda like this:
  1. A few rotations you actually have to apply for. You find out ahead of time if you got those
  2. Everyone who wants to do a rotation at school picks which rotaion they want it (boring, why would you want to come back when you've been here 3 years?) 
  3. A few unlucky losers get drawn out of a hat to fill in the leftover boring rotations. 
  4. The next day you pick the rotation that is your first choice. Rotations include places like Germany, Hawaii, and North Dakota. 
  5. If somebody else wanted the same place at the same time as you, they draw for who gets it.
  6. The losers picks from the leftovers.
  7. Repeat 4-6 with what's left until everyone has 4 rotations. 
We had really a awesome plan.

Summer- Nome, Alaska. You fly out in a bush plane to remote eskimo villages to provide eyecare. You can't even drive to Nome, it's totally cut off from the rest of the world HOW COOL IS THAT?! Plus I'd get to see the northern lights which is on my bucket list. Plus the sun's out like 20 hours in a day. Oh, and check this road sign out:

Doesn't that SCREAM adventure?
Fall- Connecticut. The doctor is supposed to be AMAZING to work with + my brother lives there + we'd get to see Boston in the Fall
Winter- Honolulu. Obvious reasons. "You're kid's taking swimming lessons? That's nice. Mine's been surfing since he was 2." Or how about this one, "Oh, it's snowing at home? Well it's been 75 and sunny all week!"
Spring- Seattle. A clinic that Cameron really thinks would be awesome, plus he should probably spend some time networking somewhere close to where we want to live. This is one that we actually needed to apply for.

So step 1 worked out perfectly. Cam applied for Seattle in the spring, got it. Done deal.

Step 2 we skipped (who would want to stay here? There's a whole awesome world out there for my exploration!)

Step 3 is when it all went awry. We got drawn. For a boring stay-at-home non adventure. A 6 in 60 chance! And what's worse is we weren't the first losers drawn either, so out what was left was either the fall or spring rotation (but remember, our spring is already secured). So with no choice we will be back in Portland in the fall.

And then we got an entire day to re-plan our lives. 

We only had two slots left and three cool things we wanted to do. In the end, we decided that Connecticut was our first choice, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and just see which of the other two was left.

Neither.... but we no one else wanted Connecticut so we didn't have to lottery for it. At least that was settled. 

So we went back to the list to pick out things we'd skipped earlier hoping to find a gem that was still available for the winter. We found three gems of sorts: Oklahoma which had stellar reviews (and is like negative 12 degrees all winter), Colorado which Cam thought sounded like a great experience (and is about 13 degrees all winter), and Florida because it's in Florida (sunny skies, mid 60s, a beach... did I mention a sunny beach?). 

And we debated about it for a LONG time. This is what we ended up with:

Summer 2013 in Connecticut
Fall 2013 back in Portland
Winter 2014 in Colorado
Spring 2014 in Seattle

After that it's graduation and we're back in the dark. One step at a time, right?


  1. We've loved the Colorado winters for the 3 years we've been here. It snows but then melts like 2 days later.

  2. It's not all that cold in Colorado for the winter! You get sunny 60 degree days a you can call on the Crandalls anytime for babysitting and fun and Whit will be extra motivated to come visit you. Congrats on the next phase of school and finally knowing what the next two years will be like!