Friday, August 31, 2012

A Fair Day

Wesley's First Time at the Fair: A Photo Essay
Wes and Cam survey the territory
Wes thinks the bumper cars look awesome. He practically jumped the railing.
It turns out you have to be a minimum of 32" to ride this or any ride... even with an adult.
Deep fried something or other
Lots of deep fried somethings
Being brave enough to get close

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kaylie's Wedding

I finally got ahold of the pictures from Kaylie and Dallas' Reception! Now I can show you all the cool stuff we did:

We used paper doilies for the bunting and poofs. Kaylie was awesome enough to let me get my hands into most of the reception planning, including the hand dying of all 720 doilies so that they would be the right shade of peach.
The downstairs of the barn had a bunch of goat stalls. From my research online, people usually let their catering use that area, but I thought it would look beautiful if we got small tables and used it for seating.  They turned out to be my favorite part.

 We lucked out that a neighbor took down a bunch of fence board that he let us snag for making signs.

To go with the mason-jar theme I collected baby food jars from a bunch of friends and we put some mini lemon cupcakes in them (yum!)

Kaylie gets complete credit for the set-up of the guestbook table with a milk crate that my friend Megan from Apple House Revival let us borrow.

And after setting everything up the day before, I went home and whipped up this little guy:

Oh, and Kaylie also gets credit for this crazy idea that turned out really cool. We filled mason jars with seeded dandelions to hand to the guests for the send-off. Very fun, and no clean-up!

Location: Stein-Boozer Barn 
Cool Crates and Stuff: Apple House Revival
Cake, invitation, favors, decorating and way too much doily dying: Kim 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Harvest

Remember this totally barren garden I showed you back in April? Well, it exploded.
Do you see those buckets? It's a nifty watering trick we discovered. They're partially buried in a mound of with plants on it, and have holes in the sides near the bottom. We fill them with water once a day, and they slowly water the roots. 

Wes loves helping. He usually picks up a shovel and drags it around for awhile. He also really likes picking things. He found the strawberries all on his own:

 He also found a bell pepper:

I'm not sure how this happened:

Currently we have an over abundance of yellow zucchini and cucumber:
So we've been giving zucchinis away to our friends, handing them to children on our way home from the garden, and adding them to pretty much every meal. My favorite so far has been the hash browns with grated onion, carrot, potato, and zucchini - which tasted like a marriage between hash brown and onion rings.

I'm still struggling with using our fresh herbs, since my cooking usually doesn't use more than basil and parsley. I had so much mint after pruning our mint bushes that I made mint jelly... but have been too nervous to try it on anything yet.