Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Finished Set

I love when projects finally come together. 

The funny thing is that with my style of "projecting" (1. wait around until I find the perfect piece on the side of the road/beside a dumpster, 2. wait until I can make Cam fix it for me, 3. wait until the weather is nice enough to paint it) it can take awhile. So the coming together rarely happens. 

But this week it did. 

So, do you remember my dresser that I did last August to match my bedside table from last May? (and then that time in September when I re-did them both because they didn't match quite well enough?)

Well, ever since I have been in search of the perfect headboard to finish the set. And last month I finally found it! On the side of the road in all it's legit-vintage-warped-solid-wood-cobwebed glory:
Two slatted closet doors. Only two issues to be dealt with here: 1 our bed is queen size, which is shorter than the door 2: the slats go the same way, and I want the two sides facing. So we took the top panel from each door:

And screwed them together with repair brackets.

After the other two members of the set, I pretty much had the painting process down to a science. The designs were done on the computer, printed, and cut out on contact paper.

Then I painted the whole thing with white (every. single. slat.) and just peeled off my "stickers" while warding off interested neighborhood children who decided I should do it red and paint rainbows on it.

And of course there was a little sanding.

But isn't that warping wonderful? Mmmm. Can't get that buying a new door at home depot. Can't really beat the great price of $2.49 (cost of repair brackets) either.