Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Giant Pumpkins

So at one point I mentioned these monstrosities that we had growing in our garden:
(photo taken mid-august)

Well, their time finally came. Cam could barely lift them up, let alone get them to the house, so we loaded them into the wheelbarrow to get them from our garden to the front porch. 

Wes was happy to help get out the goop. Unfortunately, he couldn't reach the bottom of the pumpkin.

Something we learned: big pumpkins are RIDICULOUSLY hard to carve. The rind on mine was more than an inch and a half thick. It took so long to chisel them out that Wes got bored of the goop, and we had to take shifts carving because he was ready to go play somewhere else. It also took two candles and a lot of scraping them out to be bright enough to even see my gradient work. 
Our apartment manager called this afternoon and we won the complex pumpkin carving contest! We only carved these three days ago, so I think everyone voted before we had them carved (when we just had two massively large pumpkins sitting on our porch.)

P.S.  Wanna see something cute?

I decided I needed a tutu... so everyone had to deal with a theme that allowed me to do so.
 Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family History

For the last couple months I've been working on a project with my Grandpa to digitize several shoeboxes of old family slides.

Grandpa got a slide scanner and scanned them all in. But a lot of them were flipped, dusty, washed out or otherwise not great pictures.  From there, my job was to use photoshop and try to recover the image the best that I could.

It's been funny to me to see what was in there. For example:

I have no idea when or where this llama is... but I loved that it made the cut all these years!

You actually couldn't take this picture today without being shot down.

The funniest pictures to me are the ones that I know who's in the picture even though there is no way I was there. This is probably my favorite example. On the right, My dad at Christmas in 1969 or 1970. How do I know? Because on the left is my little brother at roughly the same age.

For our family Google+ Hangout  a couple weeks ago, I shared this picture from the 1950's and we played a fun game called "how many relatives can you name?" Of course, my mom being the family-history-know-it-all won, but it was funny to see who we could figure out based on "because he's never in pictures, so it must be him" and logic like that.

So there. Family history is fun and you should do it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Soccer Cake

My little brother's soccer league had a huge auction this weekend as a fundraiser. Among other things, each team had to supply "at least one yummy or unique cake to be auctioned off. There is a reward for the team that pulls the highest price for their cake."

My family is totally awesome in the fact that they have faith in my abilities to do things with absolutely no prior evidence that I'll be able to pull it off. It works well because generally I have the same opinion. 

So my dad told the coach I could do it. Since we knew we'd have a room of soccer fans, we decided to cater to our audience. Of course, if you've ever been in soccer/liked soccer/had a kid in soccer, I'm sure you've discovered that soccer ball geometry is ridiculously complicated. That's why I had Cam math it out. 

Here are the patterns he made me. I decorated the other two layers in the time it took to make them. 

I set it up and then left, so I have yet to hear if they won yet. I'm crossing my fingers, because while I was there only one other cake wasn't housed in a 9x9 baking pan.

Monday, October 15, 2012


We flew to Colorado this weekend to see Cam's older sister get married to a pretty awesome guy that we totally approve of.

As it turns out, Wes loves flying, (or more accurately, he loves people-movers, seeing airplanes, people in orange vests driving baggage carts, flight attendants, and apple juice). 
Emphasis on the people-movers. 

He's also a big fan of getting all dressed up. He did the funniest thing while we were getting ready to go to the wedding. He found my straightener in my suitcase and with a totally serious face started straightening my hair (because clearly it needed help). He did it for at least 5 minutes and worked his way around like a pro. An observant kid.

Cam and his brother(s) also enjoyed themselves. This was during the reception. And that's a dessert platter.
Yeah, I know... there was a bride a groom there too, but they paid someone to take pictures of them, so naturally I don't have any to show you. 

On the flight home we got stuck in the last row in the  aisle and middle seats, but Wes didn't mind. Turns out that's prime location for flirting with the ladies. He got himself two packages of goldfish on a flight that "didn't serve snacks." For some reason the flight attendants also gave him two cups to eat them out of. Which meant all goldfish went into one cup, and he then dumped them back and forth until nearly all of them fell on the floor. I did what I could, but I bet the stewardess was still cursing his cuteness while she picked up all those smashed goldfish.