Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family History

For the last couple months I've been working on a project with my Grandpa to digitize several shoeboxes of old family slides.

Grandpa got a slide scanner and scanned them all in. But a lot of them were flipped, dusty, washed out or otherwise not great pictures.  From there, my job was to use photoshop and try to recover the image the best that I could.

It's been funny to me to see what was in there. For example:

I have no idea when or where this llama is... but I loved that it made the cut all these years!

You actually couldn't take this picture today without being shot down.

The funniest pictures to me are the ones that I know who's in the picture even though there is no way I was there. This is probably my favorite example. On the right, My dad at Christmas in 1969 or 1970. How do I know? Because on the left is my little brother at roughly the same age.

For our family Google+ Hangout  a couple weeks ago, I shared this picture from the 1950's and we played a fun game called "how many relatives can you name?" Of course, my mom being the family-history-know-it-all won, but it was funny to see who we could figure out based on "because he's never in pictures, so it must be him" and logic like that.

So there. Family history is fun and you should do it.

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