Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Giant Pumpkins

So at one point I mentioned these monstrosities that we had growing in our garden:
(photo taken mid-august)

Well, their time finally came. Cam could barely lift them up, let alone get them to the house, so we loaded them into the wheelbarrow to get them from our garden to the front porch. 

Wes was happy to help get out the goop. Unfortunately, he couldn't reach the bottom of the pumpkin.

Something we learned: big pumpkins are RIDICULOUSLY hard to carve. The rind on mine was more than an inch and a half thick. It took so long to chisel them out that Wes got bored of the goop, and we had to take shifts carving because he was ready to go play somewhere else. It also took two candles and a lot of scraping them out to be bright enough to even see my gradient work. 
Our apartment manager called this afternoon and we won the complex pumpkin carving contest! We only carved these three days ago, so I think everyone voted before we had them carved (when we just had two massively large pumpkins sitting on our porch.)

P.S.  Wanna see something cute?

I decided I needed a tutu... so everyone had to deal with a theme that allowed me to do so.
 Happy Halloween!

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