Saturday, October 20, 2012

Soccer Cake

My little brother's soccer league had a huge auction this weekend as a fundraiser. Among other things, each team had to supply "at least one yummy or unique cake to be auctioned off. There is a reward for the team that pulls the highest price for their cake."

My family is totally awesome in the fact that they have faith in my abilities to do things with absolutely no prior evidence that I'll be able to pull it off. It works well because generally I have the same opinion. 

So my dad told the coach I could do it. Since we knew we'd have a room of soccer fans, we decided to cater to our audience. Of course, if you've ever been in soccer/liked soccer/had a kid in soccer, I'm sure you've discovered that soccer ball geometry is ridiculously complicated. That's why I had Cam math it out. 

Here are the patterns he made me. I decorated the other two layers in the time it took to make them. 

I set it up and then left, so I have yet to hear if they won yet. I'm crossing my fingers, because while I was there only one other cake wasn't housed in a 9x9 baking pan.