Saturday, November 17, 2012

43 ways to say rain

Here's a pop quiz for those of you that have lived in the Northwest:

What do you call rain that's lighter than a shower, but definitely still has actual substance.

A sprinkle.

So that's what my buddy Mandy and I (with more than a little help from the men in our lives) threw today for our good friend Stacey who is having a little girl. She already has a boy Wesley's age, so she didn't need a whole baby shower... just a little sprinkle of pink in her life.

Everyone asked where I got the umbrellas, the thing is that I owned them all already. I bought them for when we lived in Utah, because no one uses umbrellas in Oregon. It's part of life, and we don't melt. 

A shout out to Mandy's super-cute fruit bouquet and veggie bites (crescent rolls in a mini muffin pan + cream cheese and ranch mix + broccoli, peppers, and other tasties)  

 Looking at our guest list, we realized we had a ton of crafty people, so rather than playing games we decided to put everyone to work making hair-bows (in teams so we could learn cool stuff from each other).

My teammate Amy and I found a cute model for our creation. I'm sure it would have been cute on Wes to, but his head is getting too big.

5 people in one picture! 

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