Sunday, November 11, 2012


I know this looks like a kid banging around pots and pans, but it's a lot bigger than that. Wes started using his imagination this week!

In this picture, he's making me lunch. He takes out all the pots, tells me they're "hot", stirs them a bit with random utensils, and then puts the lids on. Sometimes he pretends to dump things back and forth. I discovered that I can't give him a snack or a drink while he's "cooking" because it will end up dumped in a skillet and smashed around with the whisk. Pictured: whisking his drink of water and some cheese.

When he decides it's done, he puts a hot-pad on the table and sets (with some assistance) the pot on top of it. Then we say a prayer over it and pretend to eat with spoons "Mmmmm!"

His other favorite game to play is bug hunt.

A couple weeks ago, a fly got in our house and Wes chased it around. I was eager to have it gone, so I grabbed a spatula and gave one to Wes, and like crazy people we chased it around banging on any surface it landed on. Wes thought that was about the most fun thing that happened... so now, anytime he spots a bug he gets a totally serious look on his face and runs into the kitchen demanding a spatula while holding his nose with one hand (the sign he made up for bug) and yelling "a BUH a BUH!"

Just this week he started playing bug hunt for pretend (which I must admit it's hard to tell sometimes if he's really seen one or not). He does everything just the same demanding a spatula, and then when I hand it to him, he does a funny bent-knee stalk over to his bookshelf (where he's decided the bugs hide out) and bangs the wall until he's satisfied that the imaginary bugs are smashed into a pulp. Then he runs to the window. Repeat. Then back to the bookshelf. And then the window.

On the plus side, I have seen fewer bugs in my house (they're scared out of their shorts). I've also had fewer clean pots.

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