Friday, November 2, 2012

More pumpkins... and pirates

Wes and I got invited to a pumpkin patch by some cute girls. Clearly we didn't need the pumpkins... but of course you can't turn down an offer like that. Especially when the girls are so cute!

We discovered that the pumpkin patch we went to had some extra special features... most notably a pirate ship:

The ship drove around the pumpkin patch while the pirate captain told cheesy pirate jokes. At one point it stopped and we got to shoot off a tennis-ball cannon. Wes was the only child under 5 brave enough (read: that knew what was going on and NEEDED to participate).

And now for your viewing pleasure, I will post pictures of Wes playing in the playhouse with adorable girls... interspersed with pirate jokes.

Why did the pirate buy an eyepatch?
He didn't have enough for an iPad.

Why can't pirates read?
Because they only know two letters: Aye! and Arrrrrr!

What kind of grades do pirates get in school?
 High Seas!

What be a pirates' favorite vegetable? 
 An ARRRty-choke!

What do ye say to a pirate with one leg?
Hop aboard matey!

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