Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Review

When I was working on a littly diddy to go on the back of our Christmas Cards this year, I asked Cam what he did and he couldn't think of anything. Not that it was a boing year, only that pillaging in rubbish, dying your hands unnatural colors on 6 separate occasions, and attending other people's weddings just don't usually make it onto lists of important events in one's life. Consider it a "building year" if you must. However you think of it, the rehashing begins (as usual) in:

Cam wrote his blog post of the year when he was a nutt-o and went camping in the rain. Kim finished decorating Wes' room, just in time for him to start crawling. We decided that we should make an effort to be a little classier, a resolution that lasted until...

When I discovered what a gold mine our dumpster is and dyed my hands blue. Cam put the fire alarm back up, and we built a pantry. Wes miraculously managed to avoid spraypaint, dye, smoke, and splinters respectively.

Wes was in his first talent show and (on a related note) in his first youtube video! He also took his first flight when we zipped back to Utah for Cam's bestie's wedding. I recruited some child labor to help me paint my bookshelf. We got our hands dirty as we began...

Working in the garden. I made a rug (in two parts) and micromanaged my sister from across the pond. We house-sat most of the month for a family a few blocks away-- a job that came with two large dogs, a bunny, oh... and two pre-teens. Wes enjoyed the added attention, living in a zoo, and his new freedom in walking.

Cam had his white coat ceremony! Wes loved riding the MAX train and playing in the fountains downtown. We saw a solar eclipse thanks to my mom owning eclipse glasses? We went on a whale tour for Cam's birthday and ended up with some chubby cheeks instead.

We learned about the importance of quality residential restroom architecture, and discovered my butter-knife skills. Wes slept through upwards of 76 trombones and discovered cup holders. He also slept and sang with Cam on our road trip to California for an engine block BBQ and a little wedding reception. I died some doilies and my hands peach in preparation for...

Cam's little sister's wedding that I managed AND micromanaged. Both. Now that Wes is 1 he learned how to jump, ride, and slide.  We finally figured out where we're going on rotations! Planning was immediately shirked to enjoy the sunshine.

We enjoyed our bountiful harvest (Wes most of all). Cam finally had a 3 week break from school, which we enjoyed by traveling to the coast and Port Angeles. Wes touched a llama.

I chalked up another year at the sidewalk art festival and made a sweet headboard to finish our bedroom. We canned, pickled, and dried. Cam began his last year of classes ever. Wesley had a cold followed by an ear infection.

We flew to Colorado for Cam's older sister's wedding (which I still managed to chocolate dip oreos and paint some burlap for). I made a soccer ball cake with Cam's geometry assistance. We carved gigantic pumpkins from our garden. To this day, Wes still talks about the big pumpkins on the porch. Wes had another cold, and an ear infection.

Wes learned what a pirate is, how to cook, and began his quest to rid our house of bugs. We learned that Wes has an allergy to penicillin.  I threw a baby shower for a good friend. Cam picked up a little job at school fitting lenses to frames.

Because I clearly didn't make enough stuff this year, I participated in a craft fair opened an etsy store and designed christmas cards. Cam plowed through finals, and challenged my family to a nerf war. Wes is all set to be the fastest bug hunter in the west, and with any luck will be more helpful in the kitchen.

That's year 4 down! We're looking forward to 3 moves, 4 road trips, and Sheila dying somewhere in North Dakota in the next year, so hopefully we'll have even more good stuff to report!

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