Saturday, December 8, 2012

Craft Fair

Last weekend I did my first ever craft fair! A friend of mine who is big time in the local craft market suggested that they were looking for vendors... but I was a little nervous to take on a booth alone, so I roped five of my friends into doing it with me.

I probably spent more time on making sure our stuff had cute little tags than I did on my actual items. That's what these things are about anyway right?

Sadly the only pictures I have are from my friend's iPad... because I totally spaced taking any.

Those of you who have been following our blog for awhile probably recognize the sailboat mobile from last year (I made a couple new ones, and some butterfly ones as well).  Based on your kind comments, I also explored more into shoe-building and came up with these babies:

There were more, but you get the idea.

It was fun, but as these things go... we didn't sell everything. Since Wes is a boy and is (by Cam's mandate) not allowed to wear fuzzy boots, we decided to do an experiment and put some of the stuff that was left over in an Etsy store.  So, tell everyone you know. please.


  1. I did a craft show once... a friend talked me into it... I should have warned you... people are cheap and they are just there to say "I could do that" but they never do :)

    1. My friend that does it said that sometimes she has a sign up at her booth that says, "You could do it, but will you?" A lot of people tell her, no, I probably wouldn't.

      The person who did the best at our booth was the one who crocheted hats. It was a gross day out, and most people that bought them turned around and stuck it right on their kid's head. Next time, I'm doing mittens;)

  2. Kim, the little boots and shoes are adorable.