Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wes' Christmas

Remember last month when I posted about Wesley's two favorite games? I had a picture of him playing kitchen, which requires him getting out all the pots and pans and then we pretend he's made something fabulous. However, I didn't have a picture of him bug hunting, which I was scolded for repeatedly. So, here he is a couple weeks ago teaching the fine art of bug hunting to his best bud Ross. 

In the last one he's saying bug. He says it with his nose plugged because he's an odd cookie and that's the sign he made up for bug (and mug incidentally).

Anyway, we had Santa get him a little kitchen for Christmas, so he could make a mess with his own pots and pans, and I might have some left over for the making of real food. Here he is with it first thing Christmas morning.
Check out the mini spatula, isn't it cute? On the shelf below Wesley's hand are a couple of miniature hot pads that Cam crocheted that match the ones I use. He loved it so much that he completely ignored the stack of presents next to him there. He held on to a little plastic knife all morning and used it to open the rest of his presents. 

Cam's mom was awesome enough to get him some plastic vegetables that he cut up with his little plastic knife over and over all day.
*Sidenote, this photo was taken with my sweet new 55mm f/1.8 lens that Cam got me that stayed within our $25 trying-to-be-prudent budget... not. Sorry, but I'm still trying to figure out how to focus with such a small depth of field.

My mom also made a super score for getting Wes a proper bug hunter:

Be afraid dirt specs. He's not showing any mercy.


  1. Annie is photo bombing Wesley in his Christmas video. I didn't realize we had a video of her.

    1. We have a few, especially from Christmas- she was wandering all over!