Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I love when someone gets my sense of humor. I feel like usually the only people who think I'm funny are Cam, because he's obligated, and Wesley because his social cues tell him to laugh when other people are laughing.

But I actually did something legitimately funny to at least one other person...

Cam's program at school asked for submissions for designs that they would put on t-shirts etc. that they sell each year as a fundraiser. If you've ever had an eye exam, you know what I'm poking fun at:
And so my design got picked, meaning they had it in their little store as an option for people to have printed on their apparel... should anyone want it.

And the exciting thing is that someone did! A girl that sits by Cam in class wore this to school the other day:
And doesn't she look fabulous in red?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

In which I detail my love/gripes about Pinterest

I like Pinterest. I do. I think it's an awesome place to find ideas for a project, or to search for inspiration in the middle of something.

But there are a couple things that bug me. A lot. And there's no place on Pinterest to gripe about such things, so I'm going to do it here.

First, can I just say that I hate the phrase (and accompanying acronym) "DIY." I know, I feel like I'm the only person that is bugged by this, and I have quite a few friends for whom "DIY" is the heart of Pinterest... but somewhere in my artist soul I feel like it cheapens whatever beautiful thing you just created. It's akin to saying, "I may have put lots of carefully honed artistic skill and creativity into this... but anyone else could have done it just as easily." I guess to be more accurate you could call it a "DIM" (Did It Myself) if you feel a need to label these things.

Second, everything is in fact not more awesome with chalkboard paint. General rule= if the text is never going to change, then chalkboard paint accomplishes nothing, for example:

  • Toothbrush holder - because someday you may want use it for milk?
  • Dinner plates and Mugs - Love that chalky taste?
  • Walls in children's rooms - Asthma much?
  • Plant Labels/Flowerpots - So that when you water/ it rains you can forget what was there?
  • Easter Eggs and Pumpkins- because they hang around so long you'll need to change their outfits?
The last group, I'm going to lump in a category all fitness and diet related posts that resemble, "How to be skinny!" "Skinny eating!" and "Someday I will be skinny!" It seriously makes me nervous when I see my friends (and their little sisters) posting these. It makes me want to shout, "I know you want to look good but PLEASE BE SMART AND KEEP YOUR GOALS REALISTIC!" 

So I'm doing that in the Pinterest way (with a catchy quote on a grey background). Credit goes to my OB who said it to correct her accidental use of the word "skinny" in reference to my small person's slight weight gain:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Photo-bombing Dresser

So just after Halloween, I was in Wes' room and spied this out the window:
I went over to investigate only to discover that aside from some loose nails, and broken hinge, a crack in the door, a terrible paint job, and some water-damage to the back and inside... it was in fantastic condition! People throw away the neatest stuff
I spent the next three hours figuring out how to convince Cam to let me have it. I settled on something about how I totally had time to do it that very weekend so it won't even be a project for very long at all.

That was Nov 3. I did have time that very weekend to start stripping the paint... but it turned out that under the yellow was a primer, and under that was dark grey, and under that was more white that had been colored on with sharpie. And there were stickers. So that alone took me all weekend. And then it started raining.

So it turns out this dresser became a very large and awkward feature in our living room for the last three months.

Here it is in early December after I finally managed a nice enough day to prime it (photo-bombing a picture of Wes' bud Ross). If you look over his left shoulder you can see the unprimed door:
Here it is in early January when I moved it right into the entryway to help motivate me to finish it:

Last week it was sunny and at least above freezing, so I knew it was time to get outside a get it done! Here it was as we but on the finishing touches this morning. Wes thought it was so funny that we put it upside down and that he could get in it. He kept saying "insigh, uh-sigh-down" which of course means, "Inside, outside, upside-down"which is one of his favorite books.

And after this moment we moved it into Wes' room immediately. Hopefully it won't be featured in any more pictures ever. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some Wesley Stories

Okay, so I've got about 20 Wesley stories, most of which could qualify for their own blog post... but I'm lazy, so here's a pile of stories of what Wes has been up to lately:

Wes loves to run. Often, when he's headed somewhere he'll take 8 or so running steps and then yell "POP!" and throw his arms up like he exploded but keeps running. I think he came up with it himself, because as far as i know neither Cam or I are in the habit of running so fast that we pop.

Wes loves his letters. He has about 18 of them more or less memorized. Some of them he knows but can't say: M is "Mmmmm", X is "equis" (who's teaching him this?),  C is "C-cookie", L is a "mel" sound made while sticking his tongue out, and W is "Wes-ey" (Because Wesley starts with W and he can't say L).

We invented a sweet game to learn letters that wears him out while we sit on the couch. We cut out paper letters and taped them all over the room. Then, from the couch we call out a letter and he runs over and hits it with his flyswatter. We're good parents.

Wesley and Dad are doing push-ups and sit-ups every day as part of their new year's resolutions. It looks like this:

 Wes lays down for awhile while Dad works out. Sometimes he lifts his bum or head up and down. 

Cam's usually done with his sit-ups about the time that Wes manages to roll into a comfortable position... because it's usually right up against Dad.

Wesley's two favorite words are "Wes-ey" and "cuatro." The former is used when he wants something, sees his reflection or shadow, is feeling left out, when something belongs to him, or when it's his turn. The latter he learned from a toy that Cam's grandparents gave him for Christmas. It has a setting where it says the number in English and then Spanish. He can only count to three in English, but he yells "CUATRO!" when he pushes the 4 button.

Wesley loves to draw. He doesn't know his colors except yellow, but he'll come up to us and say "Bue" or "Geen" as if he wanted that color to draw. If we sit down to write anything (with a pen or pencil) he'll say "Feish" which means that he'd like us to draw him a fish. Then he'll point to a spot on the paper and say it again. New spot, "Feish." He usually doesn't wait for us to finish before moving on. Then he'll say, "Beeeig" which means do a really big fish.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Nerf Wars

My sister was just bugging me that I still haven't gotten up this post up that I promised in our year review. I would just like to remind her that some of us have to dodge cottage cheese puke in order to get our blog posts written. Gross? You asked. 


This Christmas break my whole family was able to come home for Christmas. Yep, Connecticut, Tennessee, the whole bit. Since everyone was crashing at my mom's,  everyone was assigned days to be in charge of meals, dishes, and activities (like going to see christmas lights or going to the zoo). 

For our activity, Cam challenged my family to a Nerf war. He warned everyone a couple weeks in advance so that sufficient firearms could be attained. 

Sufficient of course, being enough for everyone including Wes, who needed one to hold.

No, he hasn't a clue how to shoot it, but he did throughly enjoy ducking behind tables and popping up to point his gun at people (exactly what everyone else is doing right?). One of the rules was if you hit Wes, you're dead automatically (land-mine). I may have carried him around once as armor. 

We played several different games, including our own "Hunger Games". Where everyone was behind a different door outside the gym. At the given signal, we sprinted to the cornucopia in the middle, snagged a weapon and then found a place to hide. Carnage. I'm telling you.

At one point my brother-in-law David got a gun that didn't work so he decided to lay down and play dead. The issue was he made the decision out loud... and I heard him. I won that round.

Cam did his own share of winning. At least two rounds ended in the scene below:

Him chasing my little brother as the last man standing. The hard thing about using a pvc pipe dart "shotgun" is it's not very helpful in a chase. Remember that fact, it may be helpful to you one day.