Monday, January 14, 2013

Nerf Wars

My sister was just bugging me that I still haven't gotten up this post up that I promised in our year review. I would just like to remind her that some of us have to dodge cottage cheese puke in order to get our blog posts written. Gross? You asked. 


This Christmas break my whole family was able to come home for Christmas. Yep, Connecticut, Tennessee, the whole bit. Since everyone was crashing at my mom's,  everyone was assigned days to be in charge of meals, dishes, and activities (like going to see christmas lights or going to the zoo). 

For our activity, Cam challenged my family to a Nerf war. He warned everyone a couple weeks in advance so that sufficient firearms could be attained. 

Sufficient of course, being enough for everyone including Wes, who needed one to hold.

No, he hasn't a clue how to shoot it, but he did throughly enjoy ducking behind tables and popping up to point his gun at people (exactly what everyone else is doing right?). One of the rules was if you hit Wes, you're dead automatically (land-mine). I may have carried him around once as armor. 

We played several different games, including our own "Hunger Games". Where everyone was behind a different door outside the gym. At the given signal, we sprinted to the cornucopia in the middle, snagged a weapon and then found a place to hide. Carnage. I'm telling you.

At one point my brother-in-law David got a gun that didn't work so he decided to lay down and play dead. The issue was he made the decision out loud... and I heard him. I won that round.

Cam did his own share of winning. At least two rounds ended in the scene below:

Him chasing my little brother as the last man standing. The hard thing about using a pvc pipe dart "shotgun" is it's not very helpful in a chase. Remember that fact, it may be helpful to you one day.

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