Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Photo-bombing Dresser

So just after Halloween, I was in Wes' room and spied this out the window:
I went over to investigate only to discover that aside from some loose nails, and broken hinge, a crack in the door, a terrible paint job, and some water-damage to the back and inside... it was in fantastic condition! People throw away the neatest stuff
I spent the next three hours figuring out how to convince Cam to let me have it. I settled on something about how I totally had time to do it that very weekend so it won't even be a project for very long at all.

That was Nov 3. I did have time that very weekend to start stripping the paint... but it turned out that under the yellow was a primer, and under that was dark grey, and under that was more white that had been colored on with sharpie. And there were stickers. So that alone took me all weekend. And then it started raining.

So it turns out this dresser became a very large and awkward feature in our living room for the last three months.

Here it is in early December after I finally managed a nice enough day to prime it (photo-bombing a picture of Wes' bud Ross). If you look over his left shoulder you can see the unprimed door:
Here it is in early January when I moved it right into the entryway to help motivate me to finish it:

Last week it was sunny and at least above freezing, so I knew it was time to get outside a get it done! Here it was as we but on the finishing touches this morning. Wes thought it was so funny that we put it upside down and that he could get in it. He kept saying "insigh, uh-sigh-down" which of course means, "Inside, outside, upside-down"which is one of his favorite books.

And after this moment we moved it into Wes' room immediately. Hopefully it won't be featured in any more pictures ever. 


  1. Love that you presented the dresser in photo bombing format! Haha - it looks amazing - you could get some serious moolah for it! :)

  2. Wow, you did a super job with it! Nothing wrong with finding something someone else has discarded and giving it a new life!