Thursday, May 2, 2013

Braving the Beach

I am just so pleased with how the weather has been lately!

Last week Cam was finishing up his classes and the weather was so fabulous I decided to be brave and go with some of my friends to the beach with Wesley, by myself. It may not sound like a huge deal to some of you veteran moms out there, but Wes is a wanderer. At the park he'll be perfectly happy playing on the slide for 20 minutes and then suddenly stop and just start walking away from the park (usually when asked he's headed home for one thing or another... as if he knows which way home is).

We carpooled with My friend Stacey, Wes' best bud Ross, and 3-month-old Ruby (that makes Stacey ultra brave). The way there Wes was mad about the sun in his eyes, and Ross got grumpy about his shoe coming off. Ruby slept the whole time which was encouraging/surprising/fabulous. 

Wes has a lot of strong opinions. And for some reason at the beach he wanted to wear his sweatpants, jacket, shoes&socks, and no hat.  Didn't want to wear the sunscreen either but I have to draw the line somewhere and with his hair being translucent and all that's the battle I picked. 

The first hour Wes literally spend wandering around the beach. Luckily his main interest was the rocks at the opposite end of the beach from the water. Ross had a rough time with sand between his toes. Baby ruby was the shining star of happiness laying on a blanket in the tent the entire time we were there. 

Finally the last hour we were there Wes decided to be a normal kid and play in the sand with his friends.  He even took his jacket off when he got sand all over it. His arms got a little red because I forgot to sunscreen them after that. 

Wes thought it was funny to dump sand on Michelle's legs (he calls her 'shell). Luckily she's a good sport. He also thought it was hilarious that there were two "shells" at the beach, "shell bucket, Shell mom" he said probably 50 times. 

On the Way home Ross was a grump until he fell asleep. Wes sang songs and picked sand out of his toes in Stacey's car until he pretty much literally crashed mid verse. Baby ruby didn't make a single noise and fell asleep. 

We decided next time maybe we'll just take Ruby. 

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