Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tea Party

I have always wanted to have a tea party. I was never able though because aside from the one time I had Tea at the Kensington Orangery in college, I've never been to tea, been a tea drinker, or figured out why anyone would use cream.

Luckily I have classy friends. 

I met a wonderful lady named Nanette through serving at church. I had been to her beautiful/posh/well-decorated house several times, when we got to discussing our shared pension for throwing ridiculous parties, and she mentioned that she's thrown several tea parties recently. We decided it would be fabulous to do one together (at her house of course, not my tiny/toy-filled/eccentricly-decorated apartment).  Of course she handled most everything that required classiness, and I just mostly did silly things like this:
(No need to get excited creepers, personal info has been changed)

I wasn't kidding about this house guys, even the ceilings are pretty. We did all the teacups different for fun. And Nanette is also fabulous with flowers and food. Our menu was cucumber sandwiches, open-faced chicken salad sandwiches, cream-filled strawberries, eclairs, shortbread cookies, scones, and sugared grapes. 

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