Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Hasty New England Tour

Last weekend we got a pleasant surprise: all the doctors at Cam's clinic were out of town Friday, so he got the day off. With exactly one day's notice, we planned a crash-bang whirlwind trip to check out all the cool things we could think of to the general northeast of us.

Cam mentioned our sweet plans to his fellow-intern at work, Laine, who had no clue what to do with his day off aside from his ironing. So Laine came along... on what turned out to be a 10hr road trip with a nearly 2-year-old. In the Fiat. What a trooper.

Friday 8:30 AM
Pick up Laine and hit the road. Wes and I say, "Hey, nice to meet you!"

Providence, Rhode Island (10:00 AM)
Online, we found a handy 1 mile walking tour that hit up some historical buildings and took us through part of the campus of Brown University. What we didn't anticipate was that it would be straight up the side of a hill, and that it would already be over 90 degrees out.  Here we are after sweating up to Prospect Terrace Park, which overlooks the city. Wes saw a bird on the other side of the fence.
Check out this nearly 400 year old (1638) Baptist Church that still manages to look fabulous. I hope I look this good at 400.

I loved this building- so eclectic. I'd like to live in a house like this someday... except perhaps in purple. 

We ate our lunch in a park (hot, and sticky!) and popped in the car with the AC on high at noon.

Plymouth, Massachusetts (1:00PM)
I had to switch shoes because it was so hot my feet were swolen. We saw the famed Plymouth Rock, and tried to explain to Wes who the Pilgrims were (came to America on a boat) he thought real hard and decided they were Nephites. Close enough.

We checked out the site where they think the first Thanksgiving probably happened.

And then meandered through the Pilgrim Burial Ground (where 45 of 102 of the Mayflower passengers were buried after the first winter... only 4 women survived, talk about lame odds). We found this pair of grave stones and thought it was quite sweet (they say "Parted Below" and "United Above").
We stopped in a store for their air conditioning, and bought some overpriced water because we were completely out. Back in the car at 3PM!

Cambridge, Massachusetts (5:00 PM)
Owing to the fact that it was rush hour, the heat, and our satisfaction with our tourist experience in Boston the last time around, we decided to skip our way around Boston altogether and check out Harvard's home in Cambridge.

I had to switch shoes again because my feet had swollen up even more. We walked around the campus a bit, although the big fat bummer was that we were there the weekend of graduation, so campus was a mess (quite literally, there was trash EVERYWHERE. Wes was appalled.) Although they did have cool flags up.

 It was so smart of us to bring along a captive family-picture-taker. We should do that more often. Here's us with good old John Harvard.

At this point we were starving, and quite luckily found ourselves at Crema Cafe *I want to give them a shout out for the sweet potato sandwich that Wes and I both loved. I know it sounds crazy, but I asked the guy for the best not-warm sandwich they do and that's what he told me. I tried to recreate it at home this week and had to settle for tasty, but not nearly as awesome.* Cam nearly missed the meal due to parking difficulties, (which should not happen in a Fiat, but did, which goes to show how terrible parking is).

Then we popped back in the car for a drive through the rest of Massachusetts, 18 miles of New Hampshire (check that off), and on into Maine. Much to everyone's dismay, Wes was not tired yet, and sang a good portion of the way. 

Portland, Maine (9:30 PM)
We checked into our Hotel and called it a night. The other half of our trip will have to continue in the next post!

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