Sunday, June 30, 2013

An Elmo Birthday

Wes turned two! AND I'm finally posting about it!

Wes is one of the youngest of his little group of friends, so over the last six months the anticipation for his birthday has grown as he's gone to each of their birthday parties. He'd also been planning out his own party in in his head, so that when I asked him what we should have at his birthday the response was, "Cake pops. Birthday cake--two candles... Wes blow it. Presents. Wes open them." I would try to follow up with what he wanted in those presents but he didn't know. As the day got closer he started adding in "Pizza" and "Balloons."

I struggled with what do for the theme since wes has such a wide variety of interests. I considered sports, or Thomas but then one of his friends did that. And then one day I realized it simply had to be Elmo. 

So here are Wesley's requested cake pops... Elmo-ified:
A little creepy? Admittedly. A hit? You Bet.

For Pizza we had a little mini-pizza bar (on english muffins). I even found mini pepperonis at Winco, which were awesome. It started out on a low table, but moved to the kitchen counter when we discovered we had a roomful of cheese-snatchers.

While they baked, we did an Elmo plate "craft" i.e. I cut out the eyes and noses and didn't want to have to glue them all myself.

Once Wes had his food, he parked at the kitchen table and remained there eating for the next 45 minutes. His table buddies changed several times, but my super-eater kept right on going. When it was time for his "cake-two candles" I brought it over to the table, he stayed there to blow them out... and then continued to sit there to eat the cake. And that's okay because it was his party and he can eat if he wants to. 

And the bribe I had ready for parents to help them get their kids out the door at the end:

Wes had a great time. I know, because he re-hashed the party to me as he was going to bed that night. "Blow out candles, eat elmo cake pop..."

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