Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arrived at the blue house

We did survive the flight! I've had several concerned phone calls due to the digital silence over here - sorry to leave you all hanging. We've been busy...

Since Cam had to start work last Monday, Wes and I did the 2hr flight to 3hr layover to 5hr flight on our own last Wednesday. To sum it up briefly, if I ever fly solo with a small child again I'll be flying Virgin because they were fabulous. I found out the night before that they check all baby gear for free, so the stroller and pack and play made the trip after all. Also, if you're flying with a lap child and there's an empty seat on the plane they automatically put it next to you, so for one leg we had another seat and for the other we had a whole row. It was also nice that we found an empty gate during our layover, so we played some music and had a dance party.

Meanwhile, already in Connecticut, my brother (who lives a half hour away) was kind enough to lend Cameron his bike to get around. He went to look at a car that he wasn't thrilled about, so he called up the rental company and worked out a pretty sweet deal on a long-term rental that will cost us about what buying would have, only instead we get to drive this:
A cute little Fiat that Wes affectionately calls our "tiny white car." 

Wes also has dubbed our house "Wes-ey's  Blue house" although it is actually a white house. I couldn't figure out why he saying it was blue and brown at first, until I realized that the door is blue-grey and there are 3 wooden steps up to it, which is probably about all he sees. We live in a 3-story house that's been sub-divided, so we have half of the first floor. It's almost the same-size as our townhouse was in Oregon, except unstack the top floor and line all the rooms up with one extra long hallway down the side for running while going "AH-uh-AH-uh." 

So thanks to Virgin checking the pack 'n play, and Amazon for delivering our bed, we had half of our essential furniture. On Thurs and Fri, we spread out a blanket on the kitchen floor and had a picnic for each of our meals, which severely impacted what we could eat (Wes+spaghetti+sitting next to his plate+14inches floor to mouth=mess). Finally I found a table and 4 un-matching chairs on craigslist for $40 and offered the lady $50 if she'd drop them off (Fiat=itty bitty storage space).  I had no idea how much our quality of life would improve after having a table. Wes was so excited he made us all sit in chairs around the table just to sit there. He assigned the 4th chair to my brother's wife Katelyn should she come visit us at mealtime. 

So there you have it. We are very much alive and adjusting. We've even had a couple adventures, and depending on how long Wes keeps napping I may get to tell you about them!


  1. Aww man, that means I get the camp chair!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that it's going well! That IS a cute little car. Enjoy your time in Connecticut! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures there!