Wednesday, June 5, 2013


At a library booksale that we went to two and a half years ago I picked up a copy of Eyewitness Travel: New England thinking, "We may have just moved back to Oregon from New York, but what the heck? This may come in handy someday and it's 10 cents."

Oddly enough, here we are a few short years later, and I've note-taken, dog eared and memorized passages of that book. One section of particular interest to us was the one that talks about different festivals and when they happen. And it just so happened that our first weekend in New England was the start of Mystic, Connecticut's Lobsterfest.

So we popped in our tiny white car (with incredible gas milage!) and drove 2 hours to Mystic. Wes was less than thrilled about it and kept asking "mommy [where are we] going?" and we would tell him we were going to see lobster, which satisfied him, although he had no idea what they were.

Mystic also has a pretty awesome Historic Seaport (and the world's largest maritime museum) where they have exhibits on whaling and clamming and such things as a seaport would be into. We got to climb on an 1840's whaling ship that was undergoing restoration and check out some sweet old-school "schooners" too.

And then there were lobster. Not necessarily New England lobster, as my book pointed out (so many lobsters are consumed during Lobsterfest that they have to import some from Nova Scotia), but at least they were real live lobsters IN New England.

Wes is a little excited and a little afraid of it. He didn't actually touch or eat any of the lobster.

Confession: I've never actually had lobster before and had no idea how to... er... deal with it. I had to ask an elderly couple sitting behind how one should attack a lobster. They were more than happy to explain and demonstrate. I eventually got it figured out, although probably half of my lobster was left uneaten because I couldn't get over thinking about what duties that organ had recently been performing.

The highlight for Wes was the 1930's wooden ferry that takes you from one side of the seaport back to the other. It's only about a 5 minute ride, so when we got there we asked him if he had a fun ride and he replied "No, still workin' on it."

He told me that he and Dad want a boat. I'm pretty sure Cam put him up to it. Sorry guys, but I can't think of any reasonable way to buy a boat in New England and get it to Oregon when we move back in October.

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