Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Trip in a Trip

As if we didn't have enough adventures/flights/homeless-vagabondness already this summer, we just got back from a trip to Utah in the middle of out trip out here in Connecticut. Cameron's brother was getting married, and we weren't about to miss it even if it was over Wesley's birthday. 

Due to Wesley's landmark birthday of no longer being a lap-child, Wes and I flew out midweek BEFORE his birthday so that we only had to pay for him one-way, and Cam joined us for the weekend. Luckily I have a superstar-champion flyer at this point who took a 3 hour nap on the flight! 

Since we were in Utah for Wesley's Birthday, he got to have another little birthday party that Aunt Kaylie threw him (more cake, and watermelon this time! Still two candles.)

 We went to the wedding altogether on Saturday which was fabulous, albeit ridiculously hot. Wes was a bit of a stinker since he was hot and it was naptime, and refused to be in a picture with all the other kids... this was snapped right after he screamed his way out of the shot. Looks like he got what he wanted.

 He loved the reception though, which was beautiful. His favorite part was the dance floor, which is fitting, because that was Cameron's as well.

Seriously though... the only reason this kid got off the dance floor at the end was that they drove a tractor up to pick up the chairs and put them away durning clean-up, and we needed to go check it out. Otherwise we'd have been there all night. 
(In case you can't tell, my child is the one crowdsurfing, side-stepping, bouncing, and showing off his breakdance moves in the following clips. My husband is the one instigating his son's unsafe aeronautics, and teaching him the breakdance moves.)

Oh yeah, and I can't forget to mention the fun Invitation that I got to design! How cute are these guys?

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