Friday, July 26, 2013

Niagara Falls, Canada... and Vermont

As we were packing for this whole adventure way back in May, my totally prepared Eagle Scout of a husband thought it would probably be a good idea to bring our passports. We had no plans at the time to use them, except we thought that if we did make it up to Niagara Falls we might maybe feel like going over into Canada.

According to our research just prior to starting the drive last weekend, "From the Canadian side you can SEE the falls, on the American side you can FEEL the falls." Gotcha, can't see nothin' on the American side. So we went to Canada. The border patrol asked us how long we were staying, and we answered, "about 3 hours." I'm pretty sure we didn't make it more than 25 yards from the border at any point- just drove the little frontage road, parked, and walked right over.  

Wes checkin out the "sHuge" waterfall. He's totally drenched from the mist, although it was a perfectly pleasant day.

American falls (only really viewable from the Canadian side... otherwise you're looking from the top-down, which is lame).

Horseshoe Falls.

The whole of Horseshoe falls. We started walking down the boardwalk just above the falls and kept going because I wanted to get the whole falls in the shot, but it's so big we ended up walking quite a ways. In Cam's word Niagara was one tourist site "that was not overrated." It was very beautiful and very impressive.

We had a picnic at the park just above the falls, and then popped back in the car at 1pm (didn't want to have lied about that 3 hours) and headed back to Connecticut. Well, via Vermont which is the one state in New England we hadn't been to yet, and I was not about to leave a hole in the map. Besides, it was practically on the way (read: only an additional 2 hours). 

Vermont was so kind as to have a cute little town called Bennington right in the bottom corner of the state so that we could actually see something with only minor inconvenience. Bennington has several of these cute little covered bridges that we checked out before saying goodbye to Vermont and getting back on the road. 

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