Sunday, July 21, 2013

Upstate History Sites

Early on this summer we realized that we were going to be here in New England during the Hill Cumorah Pageant, a realization that I don't expect to have again in my life... at least with so little planning and inconvenience.

We had a tight-shipped plan of how we were going to make the 13 hour roundtrip to the pagaent, Niagara Falls, and some of the big Mormon Church historical sites on a weekend. Then Cam managed to weasel his way out of work on Friday as well, which turned out to be both nice and totally necessary.

We left in the morning, and Wes sang to himself for a large majority of the first 4 hours, and then crashed and we enjoyed a little quiet on our scenic drive around the finger lakes to the Peter Whitmer Farm. Which was... amazingly small. I had completely forgotten how many events happened there, such as the organization of the LDS Church, and most of the translation of the Book of Mormon... which is really a disproportionate number of historically awesome things per square footage.

We then were able to go to the Sacred Grove, which was really beautiful. We tried to explain to Wes it's importance, but he was mostly interested in the number of sweet sticks on the ground.

Token family picture to prove I was there. This is at the Cooper's Shop at the Smith Family Farm outside Palmyra, NY.

Wes has a bit of an obsession with benches? We often have to stop just to experience sitting on them. And usually we have to stop again at the next one. Sometimes I have to refrain from getting grumpy at the thoughtful person who thought that yet ANOTHER bench was necessary.

 The Grandin Printing shop in Palmayra, New York is where the Book of Mormon was first published. It was fabulously colored, and it was really cool to see the old printing process. It's a wonder to me that people put in so much time and effort to get a book printed that way.

And at last- we got to the pageant 3 hours before start time to get good seats (we did, halfway back in the chairs on the aisle, behind a short lady and her preteen son). Wes holding the program in this picture was totally unplanned:

The stage at sunset.
The pageant itself was really very cool! We didn't expect such cool special effects all around quality from an outdoor show. The Pageant follows the basic story of the Book of Mormon and the role that Christ plays in it... with a few musical numbers (which makes it every way unlike the Book of Mormon broadway show except that I hear it also includes musical numbers). Wes absolutely loved everything about the show, right up until he crashed an hour into it because, well, it was 2 hours after his bedtime.

Bedtime gets a post of it's own coming up next....

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