Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Day With Dad

Since I finished my first optometry rotation and took part III of my board exams last week, I've had a lot of free time which means Wes and I have been hanging out more. Today we spent most of the day on an adventure; just Dad and Wes.

We kicked the day off with a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast that Wes helped to make. Mom was very grateful when he decided to share some with her. It was good that we had a big breakfast because after getting dressed we headed out to Horning's Hideout for our first father and son fishing trip. Kim was sure to pack us a good lunch and some diapers just in case. 

When we arrived we were greeted by Wes' favorite bird... the peacock.

 After chasing the peacock for a while we walked over to the fishing shack where they outfitted us with anything we could ever need: a fully rigged fishing rod (or as Wes insists "fishing stick"), worms, power bait, a towel, a stringer, and a net. Then to add to the fun the guy handed Wes a smaller net for catching salamanders and a bucket to keep them in. Add our cooler to all of this gear and we looked pretty silly as we schlepped over to the perfect fishing spot. Wes immediately got started with his salamander net while I put a worm on the hook . He's showing me the salamander that he almost got.

Very shortly after this picture... like 15 seconds... Wes took another swipe at the salamander and went head first into the lake. He lost his hat and net but the sunglasses and shoes managed to stay on. I set my camera down and reached into the water and pulled him out by his arm. I knew he was in no danger of drowning when I heard him already in the process of screaming as his mouth broke the surface.

With him securely on dry ground and dripping wet I must confess that I considered getting a picture of him because I already knew what a great story this was going to make for years to come. Alas, I considered what Kim would say to me when she saw the picture and realized that in Wes' moment of need I was taking a picture. So you'll have to imagine a dripping wet Wes, missing his hat but sunglasses still on, standing on the gravel path... crying. I fished out his hat and net before they could float away, took off his wet clothes and changed a rather saturated diaper.

With my son wearing a just a diaper and all of his clothes soaked, it seemed like our fishing trip had come to an end before we even got the line in the water. I thought that maybe I could just let him continue to fish in his diaper, but his white skin was already getting sunburned after about 45 seconds. I had just about given up when I realized I could put my shirt on him. Sorry about my whiteness but the moment needed to be documented.

I laid Wes' clothes out to dry in the 80 degree sunshine and we continued to fish for an hour just like this. We had a great time throwing the line  "WEALLY FAW" and then reeling it back in. By the end Wes had become fairly proficient at reeling the line in but casting is a whole different story.

We weren't having much luck so we decided to head over to a bridge where I thought the fish might be hanging out. On our way over we saw some other kids catch a fish underneath the bridge so we hurried and threw our line in. Within 3 seconds we hooked into a fish. We pulled it up and as I tried to get Wes to hold it for a picture, the fish got off the line and started flopping all over the bridge. We nearly lost our fish but thankfully Wes kept yelling "FISH GET AWAY!!" which helped a lot.

Just before it skittered off the edge of the bridge I managed to grab it. After getting the fish on the stringer and Wes' mostly dry clothes back on, we took the obligatory picture. Wes was too scared to touch the fish so I had to hold it and take the picture... which really worked to our advantage. The fish below may look like its half the size of Wes but really its about 10 inches long.

Wes posed for one more picture before we headed back to the fishing shack with our bounteous harvest in hand.

After such a hard day of fishing we ate our lunch; which included string cheese.

Poor Wes was so exhausted that he fell asleep on the ride home and took nearly a 3 hour nap.

Later that evening we went over to a friend's house for dinner. Afterwards while Kim was helping her with her blog, Wes and I went exploring around the neighborhood and found THIS!

That's right. A bulldozer. Wes was thrilled and spent at least 10 minutes "driving" it and saying "Wes show dad how works."