Friday, November 22, 2013

Faux Military and Hotel-Living

We're finally getting settled into our new "house." It's actually not a house or an apartment at all, we're essentially staying in an extended stay hotel. This rotation Cameron is at the Air Force Academy, so we  (through the assistance of a pair of temporary IDs attained at great length) are living on-base in the TLF (temporary living facility).

Both the faux-military lifestyle and living in a hotel are new experiences to us, so in addition to the abundance of airplanes to point at, here are a few of the awesome and not so awesome things we are looking forward to for the next three months:

Our place is fully furnished with a stocked kitchen
Awesome: We didn't have to get a truck, troll craigslist, or include a kitchen in our baggage this time. Also, we've never had a TV before, and we now have three. With cable. With ESPNU. Football season isn't over just yet, and basketball is coming.
Less Awesome: Apparently everyone is not as versed as we are in what constitutes kitchen essentials. According to our experience, a cookie sheet is essential... a corkscrew and two can openers not so much.

Wireless and Utilities are included
Awesome: We didn't have to set them up as soon as we got here, and it's going to be 78 degrees in here all winter!
Less Awesome: Did I mention we don't have an address? It's true. Apparently they don't expect that people will live here long enough to have mail sent. Please send any Christmas cards c/o an immediate family member of ours, and I'm sure we'll get it sooner or later.

We have a dishwasher, washer, and dryer IN OUR APARTMENT for the first time in our marriage. Awesome: No negatives here! Note my above comments about our utilities. You better believe I always have a clean spoon for cereal.

Room service.
Awesome: Who's not taking out the trash, making the bed, or cleaning the bathroom for three months? Cameron. But I don't have to pick up his slack either. They also change the toilet paper and refill the soap.
Less Awesome: They're not allowed to touch personal items so we have to be on our game. My motivation looks like this: If I put my clothes away instead of leaving them on the bed then someone else washes the sheets.

Hardwood floors
Awesome: Bring on the potty training
Less Awesome: Footie pajamas

Apparently the base is home to an abundance of wildlife including deer, bear, cougars, and elk.
Awesome: Wes has been thrilled to spot deer outside the last two nights
Less Awesome: There have been deer in the road the last two nights. Also, the possibility of being eaten.

The base has stables just a few blocks away.
Awesome: Horses are awesome
Less Awesome: They don't have any giraffes (I'll let you guess who was disappointed about that)

There is a playground next to our building
Awesome: It has a "really fast"twisty slide
Less Awesome: The next building over is the Child Development Center with an even sweeter playground and lots of "friends" that we can hear having a great time, but because of our faux-military status Wes can't go there (believe me, I tried). We also can't buy things in the stores on base, or use the gas station.

We get to live in the secure part of the base:
Awesome: Cam has essentially no commute, and I've never felt safer in my life.
Less Awesome: The "threat level" on base is posted on every building. Generally it's Alpha. If it's ever Beta, we can't enter the base (go home) since we only have affiliation with the base as visitors. So if I were to be say at the grocery store and it changed... it would be a long day.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot of awesomeness to look forward to. That's great!
    Also sounds like you should always keep a 72-hour kit and fully stocked diaper bag in the car, whenever you leave the base. ;)