Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Nativity - A Proclamation

As I started thing about what I'm doing for presents this year, I remembered that I never did get around to posting this project I did last year for my mom and mother-in-law.

I knew I wanted to make a nativity, but I rather than just have it be a rendition, I wanted to find a way to help it to mean more. I thought about how the family featured in the nativity is the perfect example of a family, and what better way to represent them than by adding what we believe a perfect family should be.

We asked one of our "mature friends" at church for the use of his scroll saw (I cut out an extra so I would have one to experiment on, which turned out to be integral when I messed up the stain on one). 

To apply the text I used this tutorial for transferring text to wood using an acrylic gel medium (and printing the text mirrored). But I discovered that when they say leave it overnight, they mean it:

The longer I gave it to set the better it turned out. The hardest part is definitely rubbing the paper off after it's applied, that took me a couple of hours each.

I found that the stain turned out funny if I did it after the application (and highlighted any areas I didn't get the paper off well enough), but looked really beautiful when I stained them before adding the text. I also used modge podge to seal the ink, rather than wax, which worked fabulously and added a glossy look.

Hopefully that helps you with your ideas for meaningful gift-giving this Christmas! And now I need to get back to work on my plans for this year.

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