Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 review

Happy wood-iversary to us! Today marks a whopping five years of Cameron and Kim. Per tradition, it's time for the annual year in review.

January - I completed my resolution to finish Wesley's wave dresser and Cam's school produced shirts that I designed. Cam started his last semester of classes and started studying for his first boards exam. Wes learned 75% of the alphabet and started speaking Spanish.

February - Cam was a little bummed to not be chosen for jury duty. We made pinewood derby cars with our YSAs. Wes started congratulating me for finishing my food. Wes threw his first dance party.

March - I successfully copied my favorite Cheesecake Factory recipe, and Cam successfully passed his first part of boards. Wes dyed his hands for the first time and we announced our second boy on the way... because we didn't anticipate this year being nearly exciting enough.

April - I co-hosted a very classy tea party, and on a less classy note dyed our ant invasion green. Wes and I ventured to the beach with some friends. We went to Pacific's really awesome luau, and Cam finished his last finals ever.

May - We moved to Connecticut for three months in one checked bag and two carry-ons. Wes and I survived 7 hours of flight time to arrive at the "blue house" in our "tiny white car." We had our first ever Lobster at Mystic CT's Lobsterfest, and Wes decided we need a boat.

June - We took a whirlwind trip with our new friend Laine to Rhode Island, Plymouth, Portland Maine, and Walden Pond. Wes turned 2 and celebrated with a very Elmo birthday during our trip back to Oregon, and had another family party in Utah while we we're there for Cam's brother's wedding.

July - We checked out the Hill Cumorah Pageant and upstate church history sites and found a place to sleep before heading to Niagara Falls and Vermont. We explored Gillette Castle and survived an East Coast humid heat wave with overnight lows in the 90s... with no AC... at 7months pregnant. After having some serious contractions while exploring Philadelphia, we decided it was time to put a hold on my adventures.

August - After 18 hours in transit, we transitioned back to Pacific Time. Cam flew to NC for his second board exam, which he owned. We went to a family reunion, I did my best to take it easy... and saw Train and the Script in concert with my sister. Cam took Wes fishing and we went camping. Our YSA friends threw us a beautiful baby shower.

September - Dawson arrived! I got a tylenol. He instantly settled into a fantabulous sleep schedule... in fact he was so fabulous at sleeping that the doctor mandated I start waking him up every two hours to eat so that he would start putting on weight. Wes started a rotating preschool with some friends and spent a lot of time with Grandma at the zoo and children's museum.

October - My first ever month without a blog post... sorry about that, but between Dawson's rigorous feeding schedule, Wes' adjusting to not being an only child, Cam's long hours at his 2nd rotation, and packing our house, something had to fall off. Cam and I were also nothing for Halloween... our boys were skeletons thanks to my mom buying them costumes.

November - Dawson started making weight, and had nearly grown out of his newborn clothes when it was time to pack them (and the rest of our stuff) up and store it for three more months. We said goodbye to some really fabulous friends, and moved with what we could fit in our car  to Cam's 3rd rotation in Colorado and our new home in a hotel.

December - We explored the Garden of the Gods, survived -11 degrees f, and got a fake Christmas tree in true Colorado style. Wes learned all about Christmas and even made a present for his favorite  brother. Cam took his third and final board exam, and we're still waiting to hear that he passed!

With three moves and a new baby I'm putting my money on this as the most eventful year we'll ever have. Although with two moves already planned for next year... it could be close.

Garden of the Gods

Okay, so this happened a few weeks ago, but then Christmas got the best of me and I'm playing catch-up now.

We found a sunny December saturday and thought we'd bundle everyone up to go see what the Garden of the Gods is. It turns out that sunny winter days in Colorado can actually turn out to be warm, and we all ended up in just our t-shirts by the end of the hike.

There was a paved 1 mile walking trail that walked around the bulk of the rock formations, so we started out with Wes in the stroller. Once he saw other kids climbing up the rocks that was the end of it though. 

 Like his sweet head injury? That's what happens when you fall out of bed when you're asleep. Twice in one night.

 Checking out the birds up on the rocks.

 Daws finally woke up to make an appearance! Hey little man!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy 3 months!

Happy 3 whole months to our Dawson!

Hopefully Wes will be less confused now about which of them is 2 months and which is two years (no really, when he wants to get away with something he's been saying, "but I'm 2 months!" We're not fooled).

Cam and I were discussing how when we look at Dawson we think, "Yeah, Wes looked just like this." So I whipped this up:

Same blanket, obviously different children - right? In more ways than their apparent affinity for food.