Monday, December 30, 2013

Garden of the Gods

Okay, so this happened a few weeks ago, but then Christmas got the best of me and I'm playing catch-up now.

We found a sunny December saturday and thought we'd bundle everyone up to go see what the Garden of the Gods is. It turns out that sunny winter days in Colorado can actually turn out to be warm, and we all ended up in just our t-shirts by the end of the hike.

There was a paved 1 mile walking trail that walked around the bulk of the rock formations, so we started out with Wes in the stroller. Once he saw other kids climbing up the rocks that was the end of it though. 

 Like his sweet head injury? That's what happens when you fall out of bed when you're asleep. Twice in one night.

 Checking out the birds up on the rocks.

 Daws finally woke up to make an appearance! Hey little man!

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