Thursday, January 23, 2014

The suds in the bucket and white curtesy telephones

My best friend/conjoined twin from high school got married earlier this month. Even though her wedding was right in the middle of our stay in Colorado I wasn't about to miss it!

This little adventure was quite a few firsts for us: Dawson's first flight, Cam's first weekend alone with Wes, and Wesley's first time being away from Mom for more than 24 hours.

Luckily Daws is an all-star flier. My flight was Friday night, so Wes and Cam dropped us at the airport and then went home to bed. Daws fell asleep during boarding and slept the duration of the fight. Have I mentioned to you guys yet about the infant-in-arms magic empty seat? When you fly with an infant, I'm going to go with half of the time the seat next to you will be empty. You can ask the desk agent (and this is true across airlines) they will always say the plane is full and that there are no empty seats... but lo and behold when there is one, it will be next to you. Magic.

Although we boarded on time, somehow it took us an extra half hour to fly there... but Frontier didn't want to admit that (flight status: on time) - so my parents who were supposed to pick us up thought either I or my phone died, because they paged us over the airport speakers and called Cam at midnight to try to find us. We finally found each other and got Daws into his totally chilly car seat with only mild complaints.

The wedding was beautiful. Do I have pictures? No. This is why I don't go places without Cam. I manage to forget my camera and our present. Perhaps when I see them posted I'll update here. Daws was entirely agreeable except for when the room was silent for the pastor to say a prayer. Then he had a thing or two to say about his situation.

Sunday morning I woke up to some messages from Cam... apparently Wes had handled all the away from Mom time that he could handle. Too bad because my flight back was Monday night. Definitely the saddest conversation I've ever had with him, as he's pleading with me over google chat to "come back to Dad's house," and I'm trying to explain that I'm too far away and I'll be there as soon as I can tomorrow.

And I lied. Because although the weather in both Portland and Denver was fabulous... Hercules happened.

My phone started running out of battery Monday morning so I turned it off so that it would have enough charge that I could call Cam when he came to pick me up. Which meant that when he learned at that my flight had been canceled (it was coming from the east coast) he tried unsuccessfully to alert me for an hour before he finally got through on my parents landline (thank goodness someone still has one). He was already on the phone with the agent trying to get me on the next possible flight... and trying to make sure that that wasn't with a 6 hour layover in Phoenix.

It turned out there was another flight that day, in an hour and a half if I could make it. My dad was still at work and my mom was doing errands a half hour away, so I needed to find someone closer. I called our former bishop who lives down the street and quickly explained that I needed a ride to the airport (15 minutes away) immediately! Luckily his wife was able to drop everything and come up, "I just need to put my shoes on!"

I threw everything back into my suitcase. Unfortunately Daws had blown out an outfit earlier that day, and I, thinking I still had a few hours, had started a load in the wash so that I could pack it clean. All our clothes were right in the middle of the wash cycle and were sopping wet. I considered packing them in a plastic bag but realized there was definitely more than 3oz of water and they probably would take them at security anyway. So I said a quick goodbye to my favorite camisole and clothes that Dawson wouldn't fit the next time we were in town to get them, and ran out the door with a half-empty suitcase.

We sped to the airport and I ran (laden with a baby that fell asleep on the way over) to the counter. But not in time to make the flight.

So I was there at the airport with no flight and a sleeping baby trying to figure out what to do. I thought I would at least capitalize on the situation and go use a pay-to-charge your phone station, but the connector for my phone was bent. Then over the intercom I heard, of all things, my name and "please go to a white curtesy telephone for a message." Cue deja vu for every airport employee that worked Friday night.

I did. The man on the line said, "your message is to call Cameron." I explained that I would except that I don't have a way to do that. The complete stranger on the line was kind enough to connect me. Apparently Cam wanted to let me know that due to the confusion of switching airlines, they hadn't gotten me on the flight afterall. I explained that was good because I hadn't gotten on.

He had however snagged me one seat at noon the next day that appeared as he was on the phone with the agent. He called my mom to rescue us from the airport (and reunite us with our prodigal clothing)... and then had to pretend to a depressed and distraught Wes that I was really coming home Tuesday all along.

The downside of having a flight during the day was that instead of sleeping the whole time (as he would have Monday night) Dawson was going to be wide awake, and in fact needed to eat sometime mid-flight. With people displaced all over, I knew that there would be no magic seat this time... so I was at least crossing my fingers for another mother who would at least understand. But no, a large man in a business suit with two iPhones.

But my all-star flier pulled through again and slept the ENTIRE time. He woke up as we were getting off. I turned on my phone and it had just enough charge to call cam who was just minutes away.

Anytime for the rest of my life that I don't feel like Wes appreciates me, I will just remember the look on his face as they pulled up and he saw us standing there.

Good to be home. At arrivals outside the Denver airport.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Horses and giraffes, but no zebras

When we were first reading online about what was to be our new apartment  living situation, we found a list of the amenities that we would have. It included "dishwasher," "washer/dryer," and "horseback riding." We were all pretty excited to figure out how horseback riding was an "amenity." 

So it turns out what they meant was that we're not far from the base equestrian center. We've been there with Wes several times. Although he's afraid to touch them (and it took him quite a while to get used to the idea of us touching them either), he loves to talk about the horse that he's going to have when he "grows up to be a dad." 

The first few times though he didn't really understand why the only animals there were horses. He kept asking to see the giraffes. Finally we told him to ask someone that worked there where the giraffes were. To no ones surprise except his... it turns out they don't have any. But the guy did say he was pretty sure he'd seen a zebra at the other end of the stables. We looked and looked but didn't see one, and no one else we talked to had a clue what he was talking about. 

But to make up for the giraffe deficit, we had several people refer us to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo saying that their giraffe exhibit is pretty awesome. To help Wes not be nervous about touching them, we went with Wesley's cousins who are about the coolest kids he knows.

Watching Jo feed the giraffe and seeing the "worm in it's mouth."

Seriously considering touching the giraffes.  

Smiling for the camera! Literally two seconds after this shot the giraffe leaned over and licked Wes in the back of the neck. The squeals that followed were epic...He He He. Touching a giraffe - check.