Friday, January 10, 2014

Horses and giraffes, but no zebras

When we were first reading online about what was to be our new apartment  living situation, we found a list of the amenities that we would have. It included "dishwasher," "washer/dryer," and "horseback riding." We were all pretty excited to figure out how horseback riding was an "amenity." 

So it turns out what they meant was that we're not far from the base equestrian center. We've been there with Wes several times. Although he's afraid to touch them (and it took him quite a while to get used to the idea of us touching them either), he loves to talk about the horse that he's going to have when he "grows up to be a dad." 

The first few times though he didn't really understand why the only animals there were horses. He kept asking to see the giraffes. Finally we told him to ask someone that worked there where the giraffes were. To no ones surprise except his... it turns out they don't have any. But the guy did say he was pretty sure he'd seen a zebra at the other end of the stables. We looked and looked but didn't see one, and no one else we talked to had a clue what he was talking about. 

But to make up for the giraffe deficit, we had several people refer us to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo saying that their giraffe exhibit is pretty awesome. To help Wes not be nervous about touching them, we went with Wesley's cousins who are about the coolest kids he knows.

Watching Jo feed the giraffe and seeing the "worm in it's mouth."

Seriously considering touching the giraffes.  

Smiling for the camera! Literally two seconds after this shot the giraffe leaned over and licked Wes in the back of the neck. The squeals that followed were epic...He He He. Touching a giraffe - check.

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