Friday, February 21, 2014

Leaving Colorado

Nothing says "I Love you" like starting a new adventure together - Happy Moving/Valentine's Day to us!

As you might expect, we spent our Valentine's Day packing up all our Colorado possessions in preparation for leaving at 4am the next morning. Cameron's supervisor was fabulous and took us all out to lunch. I had a very large salad because I figured that with an upcoming four-day roadtrip I probably wouldn't get much greenery.

We listened for the last time to "Retreat" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" play on the loudspeaker at 4:45, and said goodbye to our housekeeping ladies. And then the especially romantic part: Wes woke up from his nap puking.

A few notes about his timing:
  1. After our lunch with Cam's supervisor we came home and realized that our electronic keys to our house hotel had stopped working (we were able to extend our stay an extra day so that we could start the trip Saturday, but apparently they forgot to put that in our keys). Luckily the cleaning ladies were still going around knew us quite well, so they let us in. But we couldn't leave again or we wouldn't be able to get back in.
  2. Earlier in the week that we had enough laundry soap for two loads, so I decided to wait until that morning to do a load of whites and a load of colors. The last load was in the drier when he woke up, so I poured a little water into the empty laundry soap and swished it around to get whatever was left and dumped it all in.
  3. We had carefully and methodically been eating all our food that was left so we wouldn't have any waste. All we had to fed Wes was pancakes for dinner and wheat thins for the trip. Luckily I had gotten him an apple juice to drink for breakfast the next day.
  4. My friend Stacey, who we were going to stay with the first night of our trip had called me just a few hours earlier that her son had thrown up. So I called her back and said not to worry about infecting us, we already had sickies as well. 
  5. Wes has only thrown up two other times in his life, so as you can imagine it's pretty traumatic. 
It wasn't long before Wes was bouncing around like his usual self. So we decided to continue our plan of leaving at 4am the next morning. We got the kids to bed, finished packing up the car, and made it to bed at 10.

So when Daws woke up to eat in the middle of the night to eat (as he usually does) I was thinking, "Um, I'm exhausted and I wish we didn't have to leave so early." And then my wish was granted, but unfortunately not in a way that got me any more sleep. At 3:55 Wes woke up throwing up in his bed  (again).

A few notes about his timing:

  1. He only threw up twice, and they were 12 hours apart. But both times were when he woke up, so managed to hit his entire bed. 
  2. As you remember, we scraped bottom last time for laundry detergent. This time we had to get a little creative, in the form of dishwasher tabs.
  3. He was a bit shaken up, and decided to call it a morning. So that was the end of our night.
By 7:00 Wes was back to his cheery self and our laundry was done. We had 9 hours of drive time to Stacey's so we knew we had to get out early. So we snatched the extra garbage bags and paper towels and hit the pink Colorado highway. 

As Cam put it, sometimes he thinks that if we could put a sign on top of the car that explained our situation, the drivers around us would just part the way and let us through. Wes finally crashed an hour into the drive, just before we hit traffic. At that moment, the sign on top of my car would have been something like, "Look, we have 8 hours of driving ahead of us with a toddler who has thrown up the last 2 times he woke up... PLEASE we just want to get as far as possible before he wakes up again." And that's not to mention the baby that needs to stop and eat every three hours. 

Luckily it only slowed us down about half an hour, and our kids were super troopers all morning in fact. Wes entertained himself for at least an hour looking out the window and narrating his stream of consciousness, " There are rocks on the mountain and trees on them..." etc.

With two hours to go we had two kids waking up from nice long naps, so we took a stop at a scenic overlook for snacks all around. Cam and Wes took a little walk outside, and then as we were just about to pull away Wes started freaking out that his stomach hurt. Cam ran around and pulled him out of his seat... which only freaked Wes out more. He said he felt okay so we got back in the car, but this time the pack n' play got to ride shotgun to make room for me in the back with a garbage bag in hand.

We made it maybe two minutes before he started freaking out again. We pulled over and pulled him out. Cam held Wes outside and tried to convince him that it's okay to throw up if he has to. We were amazed and impressed with the people of Southern Utah, as 4 different cars pulled over to see if we needed help (one turned around from the other direction). "No we don't need help thanks, he's just... sick."

He struggled with his internals for a bit before deciding it was a bowel problem after all. With that out he was feeling much better. Luckily we had him in a diaper for the trip or we would have been in a world of hurt.

We would have made it without stopping from that point on... except that he worked things out again an hour later. And oh, again less than a mile away. And that one was a little more unruly.

So we limped into Stacey's but luckily she had laundry detergent on hand so we didn't have to resort to washer fluid. We took a whole day to rest, but after that our two remaining 6-hour drive days felt like nothing. We picked up our stuff as we headed through Portland.

And tomorrow it's hello Seattle. 

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