Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello Seattle

We're now settling in here in the Seattle area; home of rain, salmon, and cities with Native American names no one can pronounce. We're living in one of those, so for simplicity let's just say Seattle shall we? And no, we haven't met Kurt Cobain, and probably won't. When I studied in London in college I would tell people I was from Seattle because it was the only west-coast city they knew outside California. They always either asked if I knew Kurt Cobain or Dr. Frasier Crane.

Before we left Colorado, we had a friend who lives in the area come check out the apartment we were thinking about renting. Among it's assets she listed the park outside and the fish hatchery across the street. I sarcastically responded that is fabulous because I always consider my proximity to a fish hatchery when looking for a home. But in all seriousness, from here on out I might. Wes LOVES the hatchery so much we have been there nearly every day (in all ends of the spectrum of famous Seattle rain). Any time that we're walking somewhere that takes us past, near, or in the completely opposite direction of the hatchery, we have to check up on the fish.

You'd think that after living in Portland that we would blend right in up here, but so far that hasn't been the case. For starters I don't own a single item of dri-fit. Or a puff vest. Both necessary in any outfit worn out in public by adults of any age up here. For example: dri-fit top + dri-fit leggings + running shoes + vest = the standard for working out. Trade the running shoes for tall boots and you've got a great outfit for going to the mall or taking your kids to the library. Trade the leggings for a maxi and add a cute scarf and you're dressed up for a night out. Never knew it was so versatile did you?

They've also taken Portland's crunchiness and pushed it just a little further. For example at our apartment complex in Portland there were two dumpsters, one for trash and one for mixed recyclables. Look at us, we recycle! (Oregon collectively snubs it's nose at "the square states in the middle"). So we showed up at our new place and there are 3 receptacles. Do you know what the third one is for? Compost. As in your food waste and paper products with greasy food stains. We're still trying to find a handy trash bag and fruit fly less way to get it downstairs.

But we're enjoying it. Cam loves his rotation location. Wes loves that they have a dog. Daws loves... falling asleep when we try to go anywhere. And today the sun was out and it's now time to start racking up some adventures.