Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The End of and Era

My youngest sister was telling me a story a month or so ago. She's in college and moved at the end of the term (as college kids do) and my mom asked for her address for her address book. Apparently my mom told her, "I'm writing that with pencil… Kim and Cameron are in pencil too."

Well guys, we did it. Well, Cam did it and the rest of us made it (or as we like to say "made it happy" which can be much more difficult than the nuance implies). He has a job starting next month. So although I've got all our stuff to get packed up (again) in the next couple days… It looks like we may be settling.

 When we tell people they always say, "you must be so excited to be settled somewhere." But to be honest I'm feeling a little bittersweet about it. Yes, it will be nice to have long-term friends and maybe even a regular babysitter, but I think i'm going to miss the change of pace and the impossibility of getting tired of our surroundings.

 Cam has already promised me many trips to cool adventures since we won't be able to move next door to them, and hopefully that will expand our horizons to places that we wouldn't want to stay more than a week ;)

Before we leave we want to give one last shout-out to our Seattle-area city of Issaquah that we've absolutely LOVED.

Goodbye Seattle!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Adventures in Seattle

Since we've been back in the Northwest, Cam has been thrilled to start up hiking again. In fact most of the sunny… or at least not rainy days that we've had we've been out in nature. Did I mention this is a beautiful place to live?

The Olympic Sculpture Park in Downtown Seattle is part of the Seattle Art Museum, but it's located in a free park with huge outdoor sculptures which makes it an all around win;  everyone gets to be outdoors, I get to see art, and we're good parents for exposing our children to culture.
And it was pretty cool. Wes decided this one looks like a brontosaurus.

I'm sure both kids would have loved it if not for two things: 1.We dressed our children for the sun, and forgot the "Seattle" and 2. We told Wes our plan to have a picnic at the fountain later, so he was anxious to be off. 

But they were thrilled about the International Fountain. Especially Wes. And Cam. Evidence:

Although I read somewhere that the guy who designs the shows throws in some parts where the water gets small especially to trick kids into going close and getting wet… Cam could have stayed a little drier just by knowing a little more about the Northwest rock scene (quoting him, "you knew that song?"). Wes on the other hand was not taking any risks and stayed perfectly dry.