Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A lion and tiger and well... oh my.

Wes has a general dislike of dressing up. Actually he has a general dislike of wearing ANYTHING new, different, or that he didn't pick out.

So my plan going into Halloween was quite different from my usual "make it myself so that it can be awesome" attitude. Really it was more like "find something as close to his normal wardrobe as possible and make sure he thinks it's totally his idea and certainly don't spend too much time or money on it because there is a large chance that he won't feel like wearing it anyway."

We started talking about ideas in September but he thought all my ideas sounded too silly. Then in October we went to the zoo with Grandma and as we walked around we talked about whether this or that animal would be fun to dress up as. Magically, the lions were awake and moving around and Wes thought they were pretty cool, and so he decided that that's what he wanted to be.

So my plan next was to make the costume as normal as possible. I was thinking khaki pants, and a tan or yellow hoodie with a mane on the outside that he wouldn't notice when he was wearing it. So I started looking everywhere for the hoodie and could. not. find one. So finally we hit goodwill and had no luck so I headed over with Wes to the costumes to see if we could find something that we could make work. And Wes happened to find (key: he found) a lion costume in 3T. No joke. and he got really excited about it because as far as he was concerned it was exactly whay he was looking for. And then we found a tiger costume in Daws size and we were settled.

So that turned out to be our theme for Halloween. I know it lends itself to a bear, but to be honest I was only going to put a fight about two costumes, so when Cam suggested rather than be the bear he take the "Oh my" and dress scandalously i dropped the issue.

Helping with pumpkins.

Daws a Dieter Pumpkin Eater. 

Wesley's first request was actually for a "Giraffe in a witch costume" witch I told him was too hard. Then he wanted a "Giraffe in a no spots costume" which I managed to convince him would look like a llama... which it still sort of does, but I think the spots help a bit. 

Here's the lion that I never got a finished shot of, which is unfortunate because it actually looked pretty good since I did it after the kids went to bed.

So Wes loved trick-or-treating, and was so excited that he literally ran between houses. Luckily my brother came along with us and ran up ahead with him, because Daws, who cannot run, surprised us by being insistent that he walk the whole way. Dawson had on the entire time a huge smile with his tiger trail dragging on the wet sidewalk, and his heavy candy bucket smacking his leg with each step. At one point though I took a bunch of his candy out of his bucket and put it in my pockets because his little hand literally could not carry the bucket any longer. The whole time looked a lot like this:

Wes continued running up to each house until we were nearly back home and all of a sudden he just stopped and said. Mom, carry me. and so we carried home our lion and tiger, put them soundly to bed, and then I proceeded to eat each and every fun-sized twix either of them had. 

A good night.