Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Team Boy for the Win

It's official, I've decided to call my loss. For a comeback at this point team girl would need to hit 4 in a row, and I'm pretty sure not even I want to go there.  

Cam and I have had lots of good chats about how to go about raising 3 boys to be kind, respectable, and responsible instead of contributing to the growing population of video-game addicted basement dwellers. I'll let you know my theories when I find out if they work in 20 years ;)

Now, for a funny story: my mother-in-law was asking me how I managed to get my two nutty boys to pose for the picture above. The answer is that I had to take over 60 and this was the best one. Seriously. And that doesn't include the fact that Daws fell off the step on his way outside and scraped himself up, so in this and all of them it is currently bleeding right along his little red hairline. A day in the life of a little boy. It blended in, so I forged ahead anyway.

Here is a selection from the photoshoot with my two nutty guys- looking forward to adding a third little nut to the equation:

At this point Dawson discovered if he lets go of the ball it rolls down the driveway... so we had to do a location change. Which didn't actually help at all.