Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Review

As of this week we are up to a whopping 6 years of Cameron and Kim. This year's big ticket items meant that there was certainly less blogging than we've done in the past, but let us assure you that adventures were abundant around here ("here" meaning our house, whichever we were in.) So in case you've forgotten, way back in:

January we were living in an extended-stay hotel of sorts at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. My best friend from High School got married so Daws (at 3 months old) and I took a trip out to attend... and got to stay a little longer than planned. We fed giraffes at the zoo , visited the stables, and spent a lot of time playing at indoor play places because frankly, no one should be out in -17 degrees F. 

 We hiked around Colorado and even found some Dinosaur bones. We spent a really romantic Valentines Day packing, cleaning up vomit, and trying to leave without doing anything too gross. We took nearly a week to limp our way to our new 3-story-walk-up in Issaquah, WA. We got things set up and Cameron started his VERY last rotation!

March We explored every inch of downtown Issaquah on foot (Daws in the carrier... 3 stories is a bit much for hefting a stroller). Most especially the two parks within walking distance and the fish hatchery across the street. We were also an easy walk from the library, so we got on first-name basis with the children's librarian. 

April We traveled to Port Orchard, WA and Portland, OR to visit family, and to Bellingham, WA and Eugene, OR to check out some job offers. The boys got moved into the same room and instantly started sleeping better than before. 

May Cameron graduated and is now a Doctor! We spent a week at the in-laws (of unseasonably warm and sunny weather). We did lots of hiking around and Cam went deep-sea fishing. Wes accidentally discovered the classical radio station and is now totally sold. 

June We visited some Seattle classic attractions and took one more trip down south to SIGN A CONTRACT... for a REAL JOB! (Student loans, get ready to meet your match.) We went on a two day camping trip for Wesley's birthday, rode a ferry, and visited family all over the Olympic Peninsula. Grandma came up to watch the boys so mom and dad could go white water rafting. 

July signaled the end of an era as we moved one more time, but this time with a 12 month lease (so much commitment!) Before skipping town we rode the trolly and visited every splash park in the area. Then we worked on adjusting to having our own (rented) house with a yard, a big first for us. We bought a vacuum and the large container of baking powder... that's how you know we're serious about being here awhile.  

August We had family in and out of visiting for most of the month, but still had time to explore the lakes in the area, and pick blackberries at the end of our street daily for smoothies. Cam rode his bike to work and Wes got really good at pedaling himself, and we were able to go on whole family bike rides. Dawson started walking well, and got his first 4 teeth. 

September We visited some friends from our long-ago school days ;) and Wesley started in a co-op preschool (which means the whole family is now enrolled). Dawson turned one, and then we got a round of the stomach flu that culminated with me getting it on my (golden) birthday.  

October The boys experienced their first ever time trick-or-treating and LOVED it. They even had real costumes and everything. They also enjoyed digging bulbs up in the yard and going on walks to the library down the street. 

November We learned that we had boy #3 well on his way (due next April). We had a Thanksgiving dinner with family (and hit black Friday hardcore the next day... for all the things that we had put off buying while still in school). 

December We got a real live Christmas tree that clearly was compensating for last year's borrowed, fake tree. We threw a Christmas party for Cam's office, had a nerf war with family, and the boys got a sweet powerwheels Jeep for Christmas that they have loved cruising around the neighborhood. 

We recognize that we've had many blessings and things that worked out miraculously well this year, and we would be amiss not to thank our Heavenly Father for them. We are also so grateful for all the wonderful people we met along our way that have helped us in a million ways. Thanks!

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