Saturday, February 21, 2015

We don't wait for the Sun

So a couple times in the last few months, I've made the mistake on a Saturday morning of asking Cam what he wants to do that day. I should know by now that the answer is always "Let's go hiking. right now." Consequently, we've found ourselves out hiking, nearly every weekend: Me in all my third-trimester glory, in the rain, and several times now on days that turned out to be sunny around lunchtime.

At this point in their lives both, Wes and Daws have exhibited strong "hiking personalities:"

Wesley's includes not wanting to go in the first place (he's quite the homebody) and then requiring that we bring a snack (for a hike of any length at any time). His favorite part is seriously where we all stop together to eat our snack. We can't bring the backpack for Daws anymore or Wes will claim exhaustion 50 feet in. He does love taking the pictures though, of every pinecone or random blade of grass that he sees.

Dawson on the other hand has earned himself the nickname "Nature Baby" (sung, like it's a theme song title) because he has to interact with nature as much as possible while on a hike. He doesn't mind holding hands for stability, but he has a need to walk about 6 inches off the trail alongside it, so that he can walk in the grass, get hit in the head with ferns, and stop frequently to stare at any and all bugs. He also compulsively collects pinecones, and has gotten pretty good at picking up a third when each hand is already busy, although more than that is usually counterproductive.

Some of our new favorite hikes are the ones along the Lewisville river, which has falls up and down it. Every time we have been so far we've seen some huge salmon trying to jump up... and generally falling back down. We finally got a pretty sweet video of it, so here it is, among pleas from Wes to have the camera so he can take pictures of the ground. About 00:54 there are even 3 at a time.