Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A little everyday normal

This post is more for me than anyone else: just a few things that I wanted to remember.

Wes has been into the children's non-fiction section in our library recently. In the last couple months, in addition to many other things, we've gotten books on owls and eagles. He learned that baby owls are called owlets and baby eagles are eaglets. So of course in a discussion about flamingos he deduced that flamingos must be called "flamingets."

I was pretty sure that that wasn't right, but since I didn't know what they really are he wasn't about to believe me. So we went to one of the few sources he won't dismiss, which was Google (others include Grandma, Uncle Nathan, and Daniel Tiger). It turns out there is no specific name for a baby flamingo and they are just referred to as "young flamingos." Obviously that's not satisfactory so flamingets it is... add it to your dictionary.

We've also discovered that Daws can in fact speak, but prefers to answer when possible with one of the following phrases:
  • "Yeah" said with an air of "I guess so"
  • "NO!" (because it must be yelled) most of the time this is actually his automatic response as in: "Dawson, would you like a cookie?" "NO! ... yeah."
  • "I no" (I don't know) as in: "Dawson do you love Mom?" "I no" 
  • "Me!" as in "it was me" 
  • "I do!" generally meaning "I want one too!"
  • "Oh" for pretty much everything else.
He also loves to talk about Everett "Ev-et" (which is also how he says elephant... so he might just have a new favorite animal?) But he likes to know where he is at all times, so sometimes we'll just be going about something and D will stop and say "Ev-et?" or "Baby?" and I have to be able to let him know where he is, which is usually sleeping. Of course he replies with "oh."

Daws also has a sixth sense involving food - he can hear the fridge opening or someone chewing from anywhere in the house... and comes running while pointing to his open mouth "I do!"

Hasn't been up to much to be honest except sleeping, which he does well and often. At least twice a day I find myself having to wake the kid up to make sure he's eating enough. He would rather play on the floor than be held, and he is seriously considering starting to smile at us.

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