Friday, January 1, 2016

2015: a post-dated year in review post

The thing about picking up new things to do in a day is that inevitably something falls down. This year we picked up a 5th family member and actually, quite a few other responsibilities, and it seems that one of the balls dropped has been blogging. I still didn't want to miss my annual year in review, since I use it to help me track fun things we've done and I find them so fun to go back and read. So with that, we'll head all the way back in 2015 to:

January: Started with me 6 months along with boy #3. We saw quite a few old friends; Marie and hubby, and Amy and Nate stopped through. I loaded up helping out at Wesley's Preschool so that I could be done before I got to close to my due date. I worked on a logo and some book covers for a series called Bramble Glen

February: We were in full force trying to do things before the baby came. Invitations for KayCee and Andrew's wedding, doing our plant starts, and getting outside in all weather were all top of the list. I co-hosted a "galentines" party with some new friends. My Dad's Dad passed away just a month after we celebrated his 80th birthday. Lots for family came into town and I was able to work with family members to figure out who are in the pictures in a very large picture box that he left with me to digitize. 

March: Cameron had a CE conference in Seattle, so we decided to make a weekend of it while Cam's parent's watched the boys. He went to class, I went shopping by myself! It was fabulous. My little brother stayed with us a couple weekends while my parents traveled to my sister's gymnastics meets. Dawson started nursery and LOVED it - never looked back.

April: Cameron surprised me with a planned date on my due date (he said he figured we'd need the sitter either way). Three days later, Everett was born. His chill birth was followed by his chill babyhood and I got tons of painting done as my mom took WandD to the Zoo, OMSI, and other fun places. Three days after He was born, it was announced that our ward was splitting and Cameron was asked to serve as the Elder's Quorum President.

May: Everett was blessed on the first Sunday of our new ward, and lots of family that lives nearby was able to attend. Dawson disliked the new nursery (and took until September to get him to go on his own again). Since we knew the new bishop from our previous ward, I was also asked to give a talk a couple weeks later, and to plan the first ward activity (see June). Cameron took Wesley on his first backpacking trip (Eagle Creek Trail: 9 miles round trip) which he handled like a boss, and took an epic nap when they got home the next day. Ev-rigator started being my "smiley guy."

June: My sisters got into town for KayCee's wedding, but I told them not to come over because I wasn't feeling well. When nothing changed two days later I went to the doctor and learned that I had strep throat which miraculously passed to no one. We attended, helped with, and generally looked awesome at the wedding. Cameron went rafting. The next weekend was the ward party (an old-time-baseball themed kickball game and BBQ). I was asked to serve as primary secretary. Wesley asked for a "running" theme birthday party, so Cam orchestrated a variety of races so that each child could win something and we awarded everyone a medal in true millennial fashion.

July: We headed to Loon Lake in Southern Oregon with Cam's family. The boys loved playing on the beach and staying in the cabin. Everett rocked at napping on the beach and in the cabin. We detoured to the coast on our way home which was windy and chilly and learned that there is a limit to what Ev will put up with. We got together with family at splash parks a few more times as everyone trickled back out of town.

August: We hiked in the Ape Caves at Mt. St. Helen's and crawled through petrified logs. We tripped it up to Cameron's family reunion in central Washington, where we learned how to wake surf and got to see some friends from our Seattle days. Wes helped give flyers out for the "Stuff the Bus" Drive. Cam and I watched the meteor shower.

September: Wesley started preschool (for the 3rd time) and decided to set up a vegetable stand on our street corner for things he grew in our garden. On the days Wes is at school, Dawson gets to go to my Mom's house and eat snacks and have her read him books. Dawson had a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed birthday party (combining his two favorite things food+books).

October: The boys and I went to the pumpkin patch with Wesley's preschool. I worked on illustrating a book as a surprise Christmas gift. Wes was excited to wear Nathan's old batman costume for Halloween even though he didn't know who that is, and Dawson was a dinosaur. We made pumpkin pie out of a real pumpkin with grandma.

November: Dawson decided to potty train himself (I can still count accidents on one hand). Cameron sang in a quartet at church. I went to Time Out For Women with my Mom. Everett started crawling. Thanksgiving was with Cameron's family, as was shopping the next morning. I made the decision to make WandD matching bedspreads for Christmas.

December: Wes was Joseph in his preschool nativity play. He also went tromping trough the North County with Dad to get a Christmas Tree in the rain.  Cam sewed the boys matching Christmas jammies and made me a tufted upholstered headboard. He also decided to reduce our sodium intake. I finished the quilts with two days to spare, in time to spend Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas day with Cam's, and meet the boy's cousin Eli H. for the first time.