A Bit About Us

We're a family of 4 living life like the adventure it's meant to be. We move a lot, make new friends, try new things, and make quite a few messes along the way. We know that as long as we're together we're home... wherever that may be. Check out more about what we believe

Cam is the kind of person who comes up with crazy ideas and then actually does them (like sleeping 30 feet up in a tree). He loves building things, the outdoors, and reading. Since joining "Cameron and Kim" he's overcome his fear of large cities and started discovering his creative side.

If she wasn't part of "Cameron and Kim" she would be a starving artist in Paris... or Uganda. She creates all kinds of things (most of them useless), loves going on adventures, being warm, and obsessively checking her Google analytics (I'm watching you).

Wes is our larger small person. He's very social, very active and VERY independent. He loves sports, running, talking and singing. He's the only two-year-old we know that makes word jokes that are actually funny. 

Daws is our smaller small person. He's a fabulous sleeper, a great traveler, and an all around swell guy.